Monday, November 9, 2009

Please Pray

For a little boy named Stellan. His Mommy is MckMama. You may know her from my Not Me! Monday posts. Instead of thinking of clever Not Me's today, MckMama and Stellan are in Boston awaiting possible heart surgery. In case you aren't familiar with their story..Stellan was diagnosed with a heart condition in the womb. When he was born, the condition seemed to have corrected itself. I can't remember how old he was when his SVT returned, but it's been persistent for at least 6 months now. His poor little body and heart have fought so hard to get him to where he is today. And today, that is in Boston awaiting another surgery on his little heart. He is not doing well, this time around. Please oh please, pray for Stellan and his entire family. Long ago, his parents lifted Stellan up to God. They know that this is all in God's plan, but it doesn't make it any easier to understand. I don't often ask my readers to pray, but this time I am. Pray, pray, pray. Pray with all your hearts and all your souls. If you want to know more about Stellan, or MckMama please check out her blog. It can be found at . I promise you won't be disappointed. You can also follow her on Twitter.

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