Thursday, May 31, 2012

Mommy's Law

I know you've heard of Murphy's Law. In this house we experience Mommy's Law.

Here are a few examples

1) On days when we have to get up early both kids want to sleep in. On my day off they're up at 6:00.

2) Brinna rarely naps....except when we have to be some where, then she falls asleep 10 minutes before we have to leave.

3) The kids can never find their shoes when we're running late. Even if they just had them a minute ago.

4) The kids never want a drink or snack until we're out in public with out one.

5) They pick up the toys just fine at the babysitter's, but the mere mention of clean up will elicit hour long temper tantrums when at home.

6) Nobody needs anything until I try to do something alone (like go to the bathroom).

7) Nobody ever needs to use the bathroom until I'm in it. Then suddenly everyone in the house needs it. Even Brinna who still wears diapers.