Sunday, September 27, 2009

Full up to my head

This conversation took place during lunch after sitting at the table for over 30 mins.

Me: Adelae, you really need to stop goofing around and eat your sandwich.

Adelae (in a very stern voice): I CAN'T!!!

Me: Why not?

Adelae (still in a stern voice): Cause I. DON'T. WANNA!

Me: Well, that's too bad. You need to eat the rest of your sandwich.

Adelae: But I'm full up to my head!

Me: Are you sure, cause you really didn't eat much except for your chips.

Adelae (you could see the light go on over her little head): I need more chips!

Me: I thought you were full up to your head?

Adelae: Chips don't go in my head, only sandwiches go in my head.

Me: Where do they go?

Wait for it....

Adelae: In my BELLY silly Mommy!

So there ya have it. Sandwiches go in your head, but chips go in your belly.

Thursday, September 24, 2009

Wanna be like me?

I just found the best online giveaway! Remember I mentioned Our Life Upstate? Well, Growing Green Bums gave her a Moby to give away on her blog! How cool is that? So, if you wanna be like me, go over to Our Life Upstate and enter the contest! Just to let you know, I totally plan on winning this one :) I adore my Chocolate colored Moby, but I really want the indigo one. And if you want to buy a Moby (to be just like me) go to Growing Green Bums and pick up your own.

Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Baby Wearing for WW

Since it's Baby Wearing Week, I wanted to show you a picture of Brinna snoozing in the Moby. Doesn't she look snuggly?

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Tuesday, September 22, 2009

I'm a Baby Wearer..get over it

I can recall the exact responses and looks I got when I told family and friends that I was planning on wearing my baby. Sometimes I got blank looks, other said "Oh! How neat!" and MANY other said "Ohhhhh---kaaaay," as if I were crazy. But, since I'm an individual, I forged ahead. I researched every type of sling and wrap I could find information on. I looked at name brand ones, home made ones, ones made with plain fabric, ones made with patters, carriers, ring slings, pouch slings, wraps..the list went on and on and on. How was I ever going to decide? I just about drove myself nuts with all the choices. Since I live in very rural Ohio, there wasn't a store I could go to and see all the choices. I had to run on instinct alone. Then, like a shining beacon, I saw Our Life Upstate . I don't remember how I stumbled upon her and her blog, but guess what?! She wore her baby! And blogged about it! How fabulous! I took lots of tips from her. Then my friend Gwenn said she was planning on getting some different types of carriers for her baby. Even better! After tons and tons of research and discussions with these two, and other, baby wearers I picked the Moby. I mostly decided on the Moby because it looked easy enough to make at home! I didn't want to pay full price, mostly because I'm just cheap and I knew I could make one cheaper. So, that was my plan. I put off buying the material because, even though I'm getting craftier, I wasn't sure I was willing to tackle the Moby just yet. Then, one day, I found a Moby at a garage sale! YAHOO!!! I was dying to try it out!
When Brinna was born, I took it to the hospital with me. I'm not ashamed to admit it, I wanted to put that tiny baby in that Moby so bad! I never did use it at the hospital though! No reason really, I just didn't. Once I did get around to putting her in it, my life completely changed. It really did!
I was amazed at how comfortable the Moby is. It's a lot, and I do mean A LOT of material, but it's not hard, once you get the hang of it. I wear my Moby all the time, even if there's not a baby in it! :) If I'm going somewhere, whether it's a quick trip to the post office or a long trip to the grocery, I put on my Moby. I like to put mine on before I leave the house and wear it in the car. Then when I get to my destination, I take Brinna out of her carseat, pop her in the Moby, get Adelae and we're off! I wear Brinna at home too. If I have dishes to do and she's being fussy, I put her in the Moby. She falls asleep almost instantly. She'll sleep in the Moby for hours. It's great! She's all warm, snuggly and very happy. I can get things done and she gets a nice long nap in. The best of both worlds!

Saturday, September 19, 2009

Fall is here!

Small Talk Six is back! Well, I guess it never really left, I just abandoned it for a few weeks. But, I'm back and ready to tackle it again this week! This weeks topic is "6 Things You Love or Hate About Autumn." I love fall, it's my favorite season, so this one is easy for me.

1. FOOTBALL!!!! I love football! I'm so glad that Ben finally has weekends off so we can watch the games together. I am, however, very sad that we don't have cable, so the amount of games we get to watch is very limited.

2. I love it when the leaves change colors. It always looks pretty. It's really cool to look at the small woods behind out house and see all the beautiful colors.

3. I love fall clothes. I love wearing jeans, long sleeved t-shirts and hoodies. I always feel so cozy when I'm all bundled up.

4. I love the moderate temperatures. Warm in the day, cool at night. (Not that it's really been that hot this summer.)

5. The smell of the air is totally different in the fall. Maybe I notice it more since I live in the country, but the air gets crisper with just a tiny bite of cold. Add that to the smell of leaves and it's perfect! Almost as good as fresh mowed grass, but not quite.

6. I hate that winter is right around the corner. I do not like winter.

What do you love or hate about fall?

Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Wordless Wednesday

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Tuesday, September 15, 2009

2 Years and Counting

Today is Ben and I's two year wedding anniversary! It seems so crazy to me that it's only been two years. I feel like we've been married for so much longer! I think that's mostly because things have always been so easy with Ben. I'm not saying we don't fight, because we do! Boy do we! :) But after it's all said and done, he's still the one I want to spend the rest of my life with. I never once had any second thoughts about marrying him. I knew, and still know, that he's my soul mate.

I always wanted Prince Charming to sweep me off my feet. If you know Ben, he's not the sweep you off your feet kind of guy. He's more like the "Puke on your head and not call you the next day cause he's hanging out with his ex-girlfriend" kind of guy. Yeah...all you that know the story, take a minute and have a good laugh. If you don't know the story..well..if you beg hard enough, I'll tell it to you some day.

I find myself, on our anniversary, not reliving our wedding day, but our first date. (No, not the one where he puked on my head, but our first real date.) It was awful and wonderful at the same time. My car wouldn't start (turns out it wasn't in Park all the way..I'm kind of an idiot that way), he had bought strawberry daiquiri mix but didn't have a blender and he rented the worst movie I've ever seen (The Fog). But it all worked out. My car eventually started (must put in PARK first...duh!), we scrapped the idea of daiquiris (I'm more of a beer girl anyway) and laughed our way through The Fog. (Seriously, it's horrible..don't ever watch it.) We also went to dinner which went really well until I asked him if he wanted kids and he almost choked on his Chicken Bryan. (Little did he know I'd wind up pregnant three months later! HA!)
We've had a tough few years. We've dealt with stresses lots of couples never even have to deal with and have managed to come out on the other side. I know now why people say marriage is work. It is, but it's worth every penny. I know it's worth it cause he still makes my heart beat fast, I still think he's the sexiest man alive, and I still want to spend every waking moment with him.

Sunday, September 13, 2009

Leave my dog alone!

I have the sweetest neighbors, for the most part. The only downfall I can see is that they love my dog. Ordinarily, not a problem! But, they seem to think that she is their dog too! When Annie first started making trips to their house, we would call her back and scold her for leaving the yard. Since I couldn't be outside all the time, I asked them to call me if she wandered over to their house, so I could call Annie back home. I specifically asked them not to feed her. Well, the dog still went over there and they never called me. Then I found out that they were feeding her dog treats all the time! No wonder Annie wanted to be over there! I would too! So, I asked them, again, to please not feed her anything. Well, it didn't work..they still fed her. So, I sort of conceded, not much I can really do. Like I said, I can't be outside all the time to keep an eye on the dog. But, we did continue to call her home and discipline her when she ran across the street.
Not too long after the treat incident, I found out that they were letting Annie in their house! I was furious! I could not, and still can't, understand why you would let someone elses dog in your house! I asked them to please not let Annie in the house, or the garage, or any other building because I wanted to her come home when I called. At this time, I reiterated my plea to "Please NOT feed my dog." I'm pretty sure they didn't listen...again.
Then the other day, Annie was penned up for the night and she was barking. Pretty soon, the phone rings. It's the neighbor. She says "Can you please check on Annie? We can hear her barking and we're getting worried." Um...she's MY dog! Don't you think if I thought something was wrong, I'd go check on her? Kind of overstepping the bounds there Mrs. G! Then a couple days later, the phone rings again. It's the neighbor again. This time she says "Is Annie ok? Mr. G saw her at the road the other day and he called her over to our house, but she didn't come. We thought maybe you had done something." Hmm...wait..did you just say that you CALLED MY DOG OVER TO YOUR HOUSE? ACROSS THE ROAD? After I've asked you not to, several times? Ugh! Frustrating! It turns out, the reason Annie isn't leaving the yard is because the cat had another litter of kittens and, once again, Annie has adopted them.
I know we're lucky to have neighbors that love our dog. Most people would probably be furious that the neighbor's dog was in their yard. If they lived next to us, it wouldn't be such a big deal, but they live across the street. I'm so afraid Annie is going to run out in front of a car or tractor and get hit. I've tried asking them nicely, I've tried calling the dog back and scolding her where they can see, I've even gone over to their house and gotten the dog. I can't kennel Annie all the time, that's just mean, and we can't afford and electric fence. My understanding is that you have to manually activate a shock collar, and that seems cruel like tasing my kid or something, so that's not an option I'm too big on. Any other suggestions? We just want Annie to stay in our yard so that she doesn't get squished on the road.

Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Wordless Wednesday...sort of

We were lucky enough to have my friend Ashley and her family come visit us this past weekend. She has a little boy, Hayden, that is Adelae's age (literally, they're a day a apart). We knew the kids would have a good time and we were right! They made a mess of the toy room, ran around in circles (A LOT!), and had deep conversations only they could understand. Ashley and I got to catch up and I finally got to meet her husband. It was a fabulous day and we can't wait to do it again!

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Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Someone had a rough day

Do ever have one of those days where it seems like you're tripping and falling all the time? Adelae frequently has days like that. This past weekend was a prime example. First, she ran headfirst into a wall. That resulted in a really nice goose egg on her forehead.

Then Adelae and my niece, Morgan, were playing and they collided. Morgan was fine, but Adelae got a fat lip when she fell.
As if that weren't enough, the play house toppled over (rumor has it that the kids were actually trying to tip it over). Adelae got smacked in the head with the door, in the same exact spot where she smacked her head on the wall. Somehow she also managed to get a black eye and a mysterious spot on her cheek. I would say it was a pretty bad day!

Sunday, September 6, 2009

Conversations with Adelae

Adelae and I have some of the best conversations. Her wit and brains never fail to amaze me. I thought I'd occasionally share those conversations with you. I promise, I don't make this stuff up (Remember this post?)

We have company coming over today. Normally, I make sure Adelae is dressed nice and her hair looks pretty, lately she has other ideas though. I dressed her in some older clothes this morning, thinking I would change her before company came. This is what happened..

Me: Hey Adelae, let's put on our nice clothes now.

A: No mommy.

Me: Company will be here in a little bit. Let's take off your play clothes and put on the pretty ones Mommy picked out.

A: I don't think so.

Me: Why not?

A: I don't wanna

Me: Come on, let's get dressed

A: (With a total dead pan expression) It'll be just fine Mommy. I like this shirt. Look at all the pretty colors. Hayden will like it.

Umm....what am I suppose to say to that?

Me: At least let me do your hair.

A: Nope!

Me: It's hanging in your face. It needs a pony tail.

A: Mommy! I SAID it's FINE! I'm PRETTY!

Umm...what am I suppose to say to THAT?

So, she's wearing her very colorful tie dyed shirt that's at least two sizes too big, her hair is a mess, and she's sporting two goose eggs, a black eye and a fat lip (no I don't hit her...she's a klutz).

Friday, September 4, 2009

I hate cleaning

I've always hated cleaning, always. Anybody who knows me, or lived with me, will tell you that. My bedroom was always a disaster. Most of the time, the carpet was obscured by clothes, books, and other junk. I never cared, I just stepped on it, or over it. Of course, this led to a lot of laundry. When I was in college, same thing..I'm not sure if my apartments even had carpet. I'm not ashamed to admit it, I was a slob! I really thought that something would happen to me when I grew up. I kept thinking that maybe being neat and orderly came with being an adult. When I had Adelae, I kept waiting for the cleaning fever to hit me. It never did. When I got married, I kept waiting for the cleaning fever to hit me. It never did. Now that I'm 31, a wife, and a mother of two, I've realized that cleaning fever will never hit me. I'm not as bad as I used to be. The dishes are usually done once a day, most of the rooms in my house have visible carpet (I said most..) and there aren't dirty dishes from who knows when in the living room. There is still laundry everywhere though. I hate laundry more than I hate dishes, and that's saying a lot. I love the house when it's clean. I always vow that I'm going to keep it that way. Then, about two days later, it's a disaster again. We're having a party tomorrow. The house is a cluttered mess. Am I cleaning? Clearly not, since I'm typing this. I honestly think if I could hire one person, it would be a maid. I dream of hiring a maid. Seriously, I really do! I dream of clean counters, a clutter free desk, clean floors, a sparkling clean bathroom, and a place for everything and everything in it's place. Ahhh....pure bliss! But, since we can't afford a maid, I better get back to cleaning for the party!

Wednesday, September 2, 2009


Look at those legs go! She looks like a little frog!

Mommy Brain

Call it Mommy Brain or Momnesia, whatever it is, I've got it! I started forgetting small stuff after Adelae was born. Just little things, like where I left my keys or my cell phone. (One time I left my cell phone in my robe pocket and actually reported it missing to the company before I finally found it.) Then I got pregnant again. I started to forget people's names, birthdays, etc. I would say things like, "Ya know who I'm talking about, the guy with the beard and the hat" or something similar. Thankfully, Ben's pretty good at interpreting sentences like that. He may not remember their names, but he knows who I'm talking about. Lately, I feel my memory slipping even more. Now I seem to have trouble recalling, well, anything! I'll often leave one room, walk in to another only to look around and forget what I was doing. Example: I was doing dishes the other day, remembered that I needed something in the living room, stopped doing the dishes, went to the living room, and.....sat down and watched TV! Not only did I forget what I went into the living room for, I totally forgot that I was in the middle of doing the dishes! I have gotten dressed, only to realize that I haven't taken a shower! Last night I was making dinner and I asked Ben to hold Brinna. I said "Can you hold her, I have to get know...the food out of big white thing that gets hot and cooks the OVEN! Yeah! I have to get the food out of the oven!" He thought I was being sarcastic and silly, when I wasn't! I couldn't remember what the darn thing was called! I'm hoping my memory gets better soon, otherwise I'm going to have to start carrying a notepad and pen to write things down. Anyone wanna bet that I'll forget where I put the notepad and pen?