Friday, November 27, 2009

I'm Thankful Day #18

Today I'm very very very thankful for our pediatrician. Brinna has been terribly sick for about a week now. She has this horrible cough that causes her little face to turn all red, then she gags, then she acts like she can't breath. Occasionally that's followed by a lot of mucus being thrown up. Fun right? Yeah..not so much. Especially since she coughs all night long. Litreally..all night. It's so bad that Ben decided to sleep on the futon last night "so we wouldn't be bothered" when he came to bed "late" (about an hour after me...not late at all). I'm thinking perhaps it was so HE wouldn't be bothered by the constant coughing. He's kinda tricky like that. Anyway..after listening to my 4 month old little baby cough, hack and dry heave last night I decided enough was enough! I'm not one to take my kids to the doctor over every little cough and sniffle. In fact, I'm quite the opposite. I try to avoid the doctor at all costs. But, like I said, I'd had enough! I called the pediatrician this morning (on Black Friday none the less) and the nurse said "How fast can you be here?" Um...what?! She wanted to see us before they closed for the weekend, just in case. We rush around and head for the office. I was fully expecting to wait for a long time, after all, they were squeezing us in on a holiday. We waited about...oh....5 minutes. Once we were in the room I was expecting a long wait..surely at least 15 minutes. Or less than 5. We were in and out in under 30 minutes. The best part? Even though all she has is a cold (thank God!), he gave a prescription for a decongestant. Hopefully we can all sleep better now!
This is the 3rd pediatrician we've been to since Adelae was born. At first I was a little skeptical about their practice, but I can't rave enough now. The doctors that we've come in contact with have been exceptional. For that reason, today I'm thankful for Fort Wayne Pediatrics.

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