Saturday, September 27, 2008

Congratulations are in order

We have a few things to celebrate this month! I meant to post this earlier, but I just kept forgetting I've been doing that a lot lately! So, these are belated congratulations and I apologize!

First off, Congrats to David and Iris on their new baby girl. Jaedyn was born on September 10, 2008. She absolutely gorgeous! I can't wait to see her! You can check out pictures of the whole Collis family at Iris and David's blog. By the way, it's about time they updated that thing! :D

Congratulations are also in order for Aunt Carol. She took her LPN licensing test on September 15 and passed with flying colors! I know how worried she was, but I knew she'd do fine. This is something she has worked long and hard for and I've very proud of her. We'll be celebrating with a little get together this afternoon.

Monday, September 22, 2008

What?! There are adults in our house?!

I realized that most of my blog is dedicated to Adelae and I rarely let everyone know what the adults in our house are up to. We had a housewarming party on Labor Day weekend. Lots of friends and family showed up to help us break in the house in true Ben and Shaun fashion! We had a nice bonfire and just a few drinks ;)

We celebrated our 1st wedding anniversary on September 15. Adelae stayed with Nana, Papa and Uncle Louie for the night so Ben and I could have some adult time. We went and watched "Dark Knight" and had a wonderful dinner at Texas Roadhouse. We haven't seen a movie in a theater in over a year and it's been even longer since we went to an actual restaurant. (You know, the kind where they have actual menus and a waitstaff?) It was wonderful! We didn't have to rush to eat and I didn't have to share one single bite of my food! :D We came home after dinner and had a nice campfire and talked. I couldn't have asked for a better anniversary!

Ben is still working at CPI Card Group in Fort Wayne. He's still working the weekend shift, so we don't see him much on Friday, Saturday or Sunday. He's also been working part time mowing lawns all summer. He works a few days a week, just for a little extra money. I'm anxiously awaiting calls for substitute teaching. I'm hoping that I'll start getting called soon. The plan is for me to work as much as I can Monday-Thursday. Ben will stay home with Adelae so we won't need a sitter. I'm so excited about going back to work. I love staying at home with Adelae, but I do miss adult interaction.

Carol has been teaching me how to can this summer. I think I've spent every weekend for the last two months at her house canning. I've learned how to make salsa, applesauce, more salsa, more applesauce, and peaches. I heard a rumor today that there are more tomatoes to can not to mention all the apples and pears! It looks like I'll be over there canning for the next few months! It's kind of monotonous work, but it provides great bonding time. It's kind of cool to look around the table and see everyone together.

We recently bought a new to us car. It's a 2003 Ford Taurus and we love it! We traded in Ben's truck. With winter coming and hopefully another baby sometime, we really needed another family car. Ben trades off driving the Oldsmobile and the Taurus to work. We can almost make the payment with what we're saving in gas!

I think that's the major highlights on Ben and I!

Friday, September 12, 2008

Boy Crazy

Heaven help us, Adelae is already boy crazy!!! My mom got me a parenting magazine and in are pictures of lots of little kids. Recently Adelae became really attached to one particular picture. Of course, it's a picture of a little boy. She would carry the magazine around and kiss the little boy and tell him that she loved him! Being the good parents that we are, we cut out the picture of the little boy (mostly so I could actually read the magazine with out causing a tantrum). She now carries the picture around and kisses it. Ben said "I wondered how I would feel when she started liking boys. I don't think I like it at all!"

Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Future Olympian

When we were watching the Track and Field events on the Olympics this summer, Adelae decided she was going to be a runner. She started saying "Ready...Do!" Which is Adelae talk for Ready, Set Go! I took this video awhile ago and am just now getting around to posting it.   She runs EVERYWHERE now! 

Friday, September 5, 2008

My little narcisit

Aunt Jean and I had a conversation awhile back about all the pictures we, as a society, take of our kids. Does seeing their images all the time make them narcissitic or more comfortable with themselves? It's not a question that will have difinative answer and I'm sure each kid will be different. Adelae LOVES to look at herself. It doesn't matter if it's in the mirror, a picture, the camera, or any reflective surface in general. She'll look at herself for a long time. She'll point at her reflection and proudly say "Adlae." She absolutely loves to look at the pictures on the camera. In fact, if she's crabby or cranky looking at pictures of herself will calm her right down. On the morning this video was taken, I had made the mistake of getting the camera and not letting her look at herself. It promptly cause a little bit of a melt down. Good mom that I am, I captured it on video.

Wednesday, September 3, 2008

The bat encounter

Ben and I were doing our normal routines last night. I was watching TV and he was checking one of his many fantasy sports teams online. Out of nowhere we see this thing flying through the living room. I scream as loud as I can and Ben falls to the floor while shouting "HOLY SH*T...IT'S A FREAKIN' BAT!!!" I was paralyzed with fear. People tell me bats are nothing to be afraid of, but they clearly have never had one zooming at them in the living room! After a call to Carol and Louie, we developed a plan of action to take down the bat. I was going to continue to lay on the couch with my head covered (I know I heard they can get tangled in your hair) and Ben was going to take care of it. Sounded like a good plan to me!

That's when we realized that the bat was nowhere to be found. I sent Ben on a search while I bravely stayed on the couch shouting encouragement. He found the bat in our spare room upstairs. He bravely prepared a box for the capture of the bat. After I put on a hat, I slowly tiptoed up the stairs to check out the bat. At this point, the phone rang and I gladly answered it! I felt that I had to go outside to get better reception..I swear! It had nothing to do with the creepy bat hanging from the spare bedroom walls! With a pounding heart and sweaty hands, Ben was able to trap the bat in a box and with my help, let it free.

If I never see another bat in my house, that will be just fine with me!