Thursday, March 8, 2012

I Made A Choice


I made a choice yesterday. I decided to not let others negativity weigh me down. We all know that one person that complains about everything. I know I do. The person I’m thinking about complains about the cold, then complains when it gets warm, then complains because it’s raining, then it’s too dry, work is too busy, work is too slow, the list goes on and on. I consider myself a pretty positive person and the constant complaining really drags me down. I find myself getting really depressed. Instead of looking at the good in life I start focusing on the bad. When I’m at work I find myself getting short with my customers and that’s not like me at all.

I knew something had to change. So, I made a choice. I decided that I was going to not only find the positive side of every situation, but also make that positive side known. Someone complains about the cold? It’ll be over soon enough. Too much rain? It’s good for the grass! Job getting you down? At least you have a job!

After I decided to look on the bright side of life, I had a much better day. I enjoyed my time at work, I enjoyed my customers, I enjoyed my kids and husband much more. Just like a negative attitude, a positive attitude is catching. If you’re happy, then those around you will be too.

Sunday, March 4, 2012

Sunday, Sunday

I love Sunday. I always have. It’s always been the one day of the week where I don’t have to do anything.

When I was a kid Sundays were full of just being. There wasn’t anywhere we had to be (after Mass, of course), there wasn’t anything that had to be done. It was the one day of the week I could read a book, take a nap and even have a Pepsi. (I wasn’t allowed to have pop.) If I was with my grandparents, we’d do pretty much the same thing. It was such a relaxing day.

The lazy atmosphere of Sunday has stuck with me my entire life. When I was in college, Sunday was lazy day. I’ll admit that I had to do homework, but it always felt wrong to be productive on Sunday.

Sunday is still lazy day in our house. We usually go to church. After we either go to brunch or make a big breakfast when we get home. After that, it’s a whole lot of nothing. I usually read, play around on the computer, cross stitch and play with the girls. Ben’s a little more productive than I am. He usually cleans something. I cheer him on. The girls get to watch more movies than is probably good for them and just hang out. It’s nice. We’re all together, even if we’re not doing the same thing. It’s a lovely way to recharge our batteries for the upcoming week.

If you don’t make Sunday a lazy day, I highly recommend trying it. If you can’t be lazy, at least be together.