Friday, August 27, 2010

Letters of Intent


Dear Self:
Get motivated to write more blogs. Stop being so afraid you'll offend someone by posting a blog on the proposed Mosque by Ground Zero. (For it, by the way) I don't know why on Earth you think you're too busy to write. I mean, it's not like you've been busy every single weekend since May. It's not as if you have a 1 year old that just learned to walk, open drawers and cupboard doors, and learned to close drawers and cupboard doors. It's not like you're trying to get the house ready for a visit from out of state family. You also don't have a surgery scheduled soon or child waiting to start preschool. Oh wait...that's do have all of those things. Hmm..Ok...maybe I'll forgive you, just this once! But seriously, start blogging again.

Your creative side

Dear adorably honest 3 year old:

It's not appropriate to ask Grammy why she has a big bump on her head (it's a mole) or why she has wrinkles, or why her skin is bumpy. Yes I know Mommy laughed, but that still doesn't make it right. It's also NOT ok to tell Mommy that she needs a bra for her tummy since "bras are for holding up your boobs so they aren't saggy and jiggly and Mommy's tummy is saggy and jiggly." Mommy has quite enough body issues with out you adding to it. It's also not ok to make your sister cry by literally dragging her away from your toys. Also, I'm fairly certain it wasn't your 1 year old sister that knocked over all the toys and drug them into the corner so "she could hide from Mommy."

It's a good thing you're so darn cute or I'd get really mad

Dear adorably cute toddler:

Please stop pinching your fingers in the dresser drawers. It hurts. You think you would have learned that lesson by now. Could you also please stop climbing the stairs at lightening quick speed? It gives Mommy a slight heart attack when you sit at the top of stairs and wave to me. The door to the stairs is shut for a reason. Let's leave it that way, mmmkay? And I know that you're getting teeth, but biting everyone isn't cool. But, please don't stop giving Mommy hugs and saying "awwww" while you do it.

Your mommy that loves you even though she's slightly frazzled

PS...I know you don't know what the toilet is for yet, but take it from me when I tell you it's NOT for playing.

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Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Wordless Wednesday

This is a perfectly acceptable outfit to wear to feed the August...

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Tuesday, August 24, 2010

She can walk!

I'm really late in posting these videos, but it's official, we have a walker! Brinna would now rather walk than crawl. It always amazes me how fast little ones become masters at walking. She's practically running all over the house now!

Sunday, August 22, 2010

But he's my most favorite pet...

We live in the country. Part of living in the country is finding bugs in the house. This time of year, crickets are especially popular. Adelae and I found a HUGE cricket in the bathroom the other day. I should also mention that I'm a teeny bit afraid of crickets. (They're big, black and very hoppy. I can't squish them cause...well...ewwwww and I can't catch them because I'm petrified they're going to jump on me.) So, I made the mistake of telling Adelae that the cricket would be ok until Daddy got home. Somehow, in Adelae's mind, this translated into "You can keep the cricket as your pet." Ben found the offending cricket and put it outside. A meltdown ensued. Had I been able to find the camera, I would have caught the whole thing, but the camera was lost in the abyss of the kitchen table. Anyway...I had a nice conversation with Adelae about the whole thing. I did manage to catch that on video.

Tuesday, August 10, 2010

So over it...

Remember when it was winter and I was complaining about the cold? And longing for summer? Well..I'm so over this summer. I'm sick and tired of the heat and humidity. I'm over it. Take it back. As of this very minute it's 93*F with a heat index of 103*F. There's absolutely no breeze and it's so humid I feel like I could wring water out of the air. We don't have air conditioning so it's about 95*F inside the house. I'm hot. I'm sweaty. I feel like I can't breath. The kids are hot and sweaty and crabby. Brinna won't nap. Adelae doesn't want to play. Even the dog and cats are lethargic. I'm over it. I want fall. I want 70*F days and 50*F nights. I want the humidity to go away. I want dry crisp fall air.

Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Dear Computer

Please don't get another virus. Please!

I was in sheer panic mode when we came home from a night away to find that our computer had been infected with a virus. I don't care so much about the recipe book I've spent years creating, or the spreadsheet that makes sure my bank account is balanced, or the patterns for projects that I have. I don't care about Ben's fantasy baseball team (although he really does), I don't care about Facebook or Twitter (mostly because I access them from my phone), I don't even care about this blog. I was, however, in full on panic mode over my pictures. I have been using my Shutterfly site as a back up for my pictures. However, I've been neglecting uploading them. I share a lot of pictures on Facebook, but not all of them (I know..hard to believe when you look at all the ones I upload to Facebook). I foolishly also haven't backed anything up to discs lately. Not smart, I know. All I could think of was that I was going to lose all my pictures from the last year. All of Brinna's birth pictures, all of the pictures from her first Christmas..all of it. I sat at my computer and cried. And cried some more.
I called Best Buy and they wanted a small fortune to retrieve my files and get rid of the virus on my computer. I honestly could have almost bought a new computer for what they wanted to charge me. I cried some more.
Then, like any true modern day woman, I hit up Facebook. I KNEW someone on my friends list could help me. I was right. An old friend from Bowling Green came to my rescue. He gave me detailed instructions on how to activate the Safe Mode on my computer (Alt F8 upon starting the computer and hold till it beeps). It worked! I was able to run a virus scan and TADA! No more virus! Peter Lunn (hope you don't mind me sharing your name here Pete!) you saved the day! Many thanks to you, my friend! :)
And what have I learned from this experience (other than Facebook is really valuable, despite what my husband thinks), you may ask? Don't open emails from people you don't know. (Yes Ben I'm looking at you)