Friday, January 1, 2010

Letters of Intent

Dear people that are unable to drive the speed limit,

Get. Off. The. Road. Seriously. I can't tell if it's because we're doing more driving than usual, or if there are more idiots on the road, but why can't people drive the speed limit? If you are unable to operate a vehicle at the posted speed, you shouldn't be driving. Nothing irritates me more than when I'm cruising along to my destination and come up behind someone going less than the speed limit. Now, I can understand if the roads are bad, but not when they're clear. I think if you can't drive the speed limit, you should either stay in town or get the hell off the road. If I were a lawmaker, I'd make a law. It would state that if you can't drive the speed limit, you must put your four way flashers on. That way people will know that you are incapable of driving. It give those of us that are capable of driving the opportunity to pass your slow moving vehicle without even slowing down.


Person in a hurry

And while I'm on the subject

Dear people that can't keep a constant speed,

Please use your cruise control. Second on my list of annoying things while driving are people that zoom up to 65, then fall back to 50, then back to 65, then back to get the idea. I like to use my cruise control. I like to not have to worry that I'll *ahem* accidently go 70 in a 55. You will get rear ended one day due to your bad driving skills. Personally, I don't think the person that hits you should be at fault. Nope! It should be you person that can't keep a constant speed.


A woman that likes her cruise control

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Foursons said...

You have hit upon two of my biggest pet peeves. Seriously- what is wrong with people who can't seem to use their accelerator properly? Ugh. I do not have cruise control in my POS van, but I am able to hold my foot still to go a constant speed.

Thanks for linking up, I love your letters!

Rachel said...

What's funny (though maddeningly so) is that it actually IS against the law to go slower than the speed limit. Something to do with impeding the flow of traffic. Wonder how many people actually get pulled over for it though?

There's another blogger that talks about going 40 mph for fuel efficiency... I would be driven nuts to be around them on the road!

Ashley T said...

I can't believe i missed this! This is my argument every morning i get up for work. I don't have time for people who think they are gonna die, therefor shouldn't be on the road. Geez!