Thursday, January 14, 2010

Mmm...Good Stuff!

In an effort to put a little meat on Brinna's tiny little body, we've started her on cereal and baby food. Due to some computer problems, I've been unable to upload videos till now. So, this is a little late. She actually started eating cereal on Jan 2. She LOVED it and has since progressed to baby food vegetables. So far she loves everything she's had (squash, carrots, and peas). I did sneak a little peach juice into her cereal and she LOVED that! We have to make sure to feed her before we eat or she'll cry the entire time we're eating. She looks at the highchair and says "Mmmm..mmmm...mmm.." and smack her lips. She will even take her thumb out of her mouth, just long enough to put the spoon in though. (She's an AVID thumb sucker, despite my efforts to the contrary.)

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