Friday, January 8, 2010

Letters of Intent

Letters of Intent

Dear Computer Mouse:

Please stop sucking. I realize you have been well loved in the three years that we've had you. I understand that you're tired and possibly broken. However, I am snowed in. I can't replace you right now. So, stop sucking until I can get to the store. You're making my internet time very difficult.


A click happy computer user

Dear snowplow drivers:

Thank you for plowing my road. You made it possible for my husband to get to work this week. I really appreciate that you take the time to plow my road, even though it's not a major road. Kinds sucks that it keeps drifting after you plow it, but that's not your fault. If I could get you to stop, I'd offer you a cup of coffee or something to show my appreciation. Plow on plowers!!!!


Thankful not to be snowed in

PS...any chance you could plow my driveway?

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Kmama said...

Great letters!!

I hate when my mouse acts fact, I hate when anything gets in the way of my internet time. LOL

Foursons said...

A tired, old computer mouse can send me into a wild eyed fit in less then 10 seconds flat. I will be banging and cursing that thing like no other!

Glad the snow plowers show up on your street. It's always nice when hubby can go out and collect a paycheck!

Thanks for linking up again this week- you're awesome!

Just Stacy said...

Cute letters.

Hate when my mouse gets tired ... I beat it to wake it up. Works everytime ;)

And lucky you for have good snowplows. The snowplows where I'm from don't get thanked. People want to beat them too for plowing their cars in when they aren't able to get them moved in time beause .. um the SNOW has made it impossible!

Rachel said...

I'm not allowed to discuss computer mice. Something to do with my last wired one that kinda sorta wound up losing its tail. I can't talk about it... cuz it just happened last week, LOL.

Umm yeah - broken mice suck. Especially $9.99 mice that the teenager at Office Depot offered you a $3 service plan on that you declined. Whatev. haha

Hope you get to thaw out soon! :)