Monday, January 18, 2010

I have a dream...

Today is Martin Luther King Jr Day and in honor of him, I wanted to write about what my dreams are. As I was writing this post in my head, I got to really thinking about what it means to have a dream. Of course I dream for big things like world peace, then end of famine, the end of needless suffering of all human kind, I dream that all child molesters get what's coming to them, I dream that there is no more murder, I dream great big dreams. Then I dream medium dreams, I dream of living debt free, I dream of owning my own brand new home, I dream of owning a new car, I dream of being so wealthy that I can donate tons of money to all the worthy causes out there. I dream that eventually professions like actors and athletes will make less money and professions like teacher will make more money. I dream for racial equality, I dream of a world where celebrities weight isn't front page news. I dream that eventually society will recognize that those of us that breast feed and cloth diaper aren't hippies and tree huggers. I dream a lot of things.

But, then I REALLY started to think about my dreams. When I start thinking of all the things that this world isn't, I get overwhelmed. So, I shifted my focus to what this world is. I think of my dreams from when I was a child. So many of them are now my reality. I have two amazing and healthy children. I have a fantastic husband that loves me for me, despite all my flaws. I have my dad, stepmom, brothers and sister in my life. I have a great relationship with my mom. I have a fabulous extended family that is willing to help me in any way, should I need it. I have a roof over my head and food on my table. These may be mundane dreams, but they're still dreams. They're my dreams that have come true.

I'm still focusing on the dreams that haven't come true. I'm still dreaming of lots and lots of things, but I'm also spending a little more time focusing on the dreams that have come true.

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