Wednesday, January 27, 2010

6 month year olds*

Brinna turned 6 months old on the 25th! I can't believe it! It seems like the time has just FLOWN by!
I'm constantly comparing the girls and what they look like at each age. When they were little, they could have been twins. For my Wordless Wednesday this week, I thought it would be fun to put up pictures of the girls at the same age, to get a side by side comparison. Forgive me, these aren't the most flattering pictures of them. I was looking for pictures of them both in the same position. It's not as easy as you may think! But, here they are! The top on is Adelae and was taken in August of 07 and the bottom was is Brinna and it was taken on her 6 month birthday. They actually don't look as much alike as I thought they did!

*Ben ALWAYS says 6 month year old. I don't know why or how it started, but it's sort of stuck. I do know that you're just suppose to say 6 month old ;)

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Jenna said... cute! I like to compare pics of my kids to see the similarities. :)
Thanks for stopping by my site.


Msslaydbug said...

Don't they grow up too fast ? My baby is now 6. Love the site !

Gwenn said...

LOL..I was like 6 month year old? What does that mean?

They both have the same surprised look LOL..Cute!

Gwenn said...
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Upstatemomof3 said...

They are making the same face though. :) They are just precious. I love the comparison. I might just have to put up one year pics on Little Sister's birthday. Not that they look alike but still it'll be fun. :)

Sherri said...

my youngest just turned 6mo....where did the time go?