Monday, January 11, 2010

Not Me! Monday

I most certainly did not inform my husband that I was leaving him alone with the kids while I went out and partied. Nope! I'm such a good wife I would, of course, include him in the plans. I would also NEVER make him re-arrange his work schedule so he would have the day off. Nope! That would be terribly selfish!

I would never laugh hysterically when my almost 3 year old daughter said the word "ass." Nope! That would be highly improper. I would most certainly NEVER ask her to repeat what she said, just so I could chuckle again. No way!

I would NEVER debate not having a birthday party for the same almost 3 year old because I'm sick of parties. Nope! What kind of a mother would I be?

I would NEVER leave the bathroom light on all day so I didn't have to keep getting up every time that same almost 3 year old has to go to the potty. Nope!

I would certainly NEVER be blogging instead of putting the laundry away like I promised myself I'd do today. No way! I would NEVER do such a thing!

I would never invite people over for lunch and then forget they were coming. That would NOT result in my frantically trying to hide dirty clothes and clean laundry from the guests. No way! My house is ALWAYS company ready.

I would never wipe my daughter's nose with my hand, then wipe my hand on the inside of my pocket. Nope! I'm always prepared with tissues. (Note to not use pockets on jeans.)

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