Friday, January 22, 2010

Dear Chipotle...Letters of Intent

Letters of Intent

Dear Chipotle,

I adore your food. I love that I can get a burrito the size of my forearm for $6.00. I love that my daughter can get a cheese quesedilla for $1.00. I love that your guacamole has the perfect avocado to cilantro ration. But, I will not be returning to your fine establishment.

My husband, two children and I recently picked your restaurant to enjoy our weekly dinner out. My infant daughter needed a diaper change and I boldly said to my husband "Let's wait till we get to Chipotle. The bathrooms at this WalMart are foul!" So, off we went to Chipotle to enjoy a nice family dinner. Or so we though. Upon arrival we realized that the place is TINY. There were about 10 tables and they were situated pretty much on top of each other. This mean little to no room for a high chair. That's sort of a problem since I have an infant and I refuse to sit her carseat on the floor for the duration of our dinner. However, we boldly forged ahead. We ordered our food and I took my darling infant and her urine soaked diaper into the rest room. Initially, I was very impressed. The stainless steel was quite nice and clean. Hooray! But wait...where's the changing table? Surely there's a changing table right? Hmm..Not on the wall. Perhaps behind the door? Nope! Maybe it's a built in one that looks like a counter top? NO! I in the women's restroom? Yup.. WAIT! So you're telling me that in a national chain restaurant there's NO CHANGING TABLE? COME ON! REALLY?

Oh Chipotle, how lucky you are that I have a wonderful husband. You see, I was going to change my daughter on the counter by your cash registers. Oh yes I was. I may have gotten me kicked out, but perhaps my point would have been made. However, my husband stopped me. Wanna know what he did? He took my INFANT out to the car in below freezing temperatures and changed her in the car. the the cold. Did I mention that she's an INFANT? are so lucky that my children have kept me busy this week and I haven't had a chance to actually send you the nasty email I've been drafting in my head.

In the future, when designing your box-sized restaurant, please consider that there are people with children that need diaper changes. Your spiffy stainless steel bathroom does me NO good if I can't use it to change my child's diaper.


Never coming back to your restaurant even though your food is very tasty.

PS..and $1.25 to add guacamole to a burrito? Really? I've made guacamole and I'm certain that the little spoonful you put in my burrito does not cost even close to $1.25.


Ashley T said...

As much as I agree with your letter, I can't not go to chipotle.. I heart the deliciousness too much. But we don't eat in, we always take it home because they are like only 3 minutes away from the house. And now that i think about it, last time i had to change Hayden they didn't either. But he had on a pull-up so it didn't bother me.

Foursons said...

OK's your turn to send this off. I bet you get some kind of letter or compensation back from them. Find out how to contact Chipotle through email and send them the link to your letter. AND make sure to tell us the results! We are making waves with these letters lately and I can't wait for another success story!

Crystal @ Semi-Crunchy Mama said...

Stopping by from Fourson's blog.

I've never been to a Chipotle. Not even sure if they're in my area and I've just never had the opportunity to eat there, or if they haven't worked they're way up to New England yet. But resturaunts w/out changing tables are a huge pet peeve of mine! I had to change my son once on the bathroom floor when he was an infant -- thankfully I had a recieving blanket in the diaper bag that I could lay him on, but still... I was horrified and disgusted, but couldn't think of any other options. (We were traveling and the backseat of the car was stuffed with luggage, so I couldn't even change him there).

Anyways, sorry to hyjack your comments like that! But you should send this letter, or a version of it, to the resturant headquarters.

Upstatemomof3 said...

I have never been to chipolte but it sounds like a pretty negative experience. I HATE when I go places and there are no changing tables. It makes me nuts. And I have changed my baby on a table in the middle of a restaurant before. If they cannot provide a changing table I have every right to change my baby on the table. What am I going to do use the floor? I don't think so.