Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Air quotes totally "rock"

I love air quotes. I love people that use them. I was struck by a lovely bladder infection the other day and got the fabulous opportunity to visit the NP at my doctor's office. She was an avid used of the the air quotes. I'll transcribe the conversation to the best of my ability. Any time you see quotation marks, picture her using air quotes.

NP: Tell me what's "going on" She said you think you have an "infection."

Me: Yeah, hurts when I pee, back is stuff!

NP: I'm going to need you to leave a "urine sample." Is that "possible."

Me: Sure!

After I leave the sample...(I know, this is EXACTLY what you want to hear about..)

NP: Well, you definitely have "something" "going" "on" (Each word got its own set of air fun!)

Me: Yeah..that's why I'm here!

NP: I'm going to put you on "antibiotics" I'll have "preliminary" tests back later today. If your pain intensifies you could "possibly" have kidney stones. Make sure you go to the "ER" if it gets worse. They can check and treat you for "possible" kidney stones.

I have much more faith in her medical abilities since she used air quotes so often and effectively! :)


Ashylee said...

Lmao! Well i hope you "feel" "better" "soon". Lmao! love "it"

A. said...

I'm sorry you're in pain. And I hope you don't have kidney stones. But this post cracked me up!

Gwenn S. said...

um wow...i think i would have been laughing uncontrollably.