Thursday, August 6, 2009

Oh No Mommy!!!!

I was nursing Brinna this morning, like I do about 100x a day, and Adelae crawled up next to me, like she does 100x a day, no big deal right? Well, this morning Adelae starts FREAKING out. She's crying and saying "Oh no Mommy! Oh no Mommy!" over and over again. I finally get her settled down and get her to tell me what's wrong. She says "Mommy! Brinna's gonna eat your boob all gone!" HAHAHAHAHA!!!!!! I explained to her that Brinna was most definitely NOT going to eat Mommy's boob all gone and that she was drinking the milk inside Mommy's boob. That seemed to set Adelae at ease. It was pretty funny though. :)


Ashylee said...

hehe! I love it! That's so cute!

A. said...

When I was little, probably about 5 or 6, I saw my cousin breastfeeding. I went over and told my mom that my cousin was trying to kill her baby!