Saturday, August 22, 2009

Is Summer Over?

I honestly can't believe summer is almost over! The kids are back in school, the weather is cooling off (not that it ever got that hot) and the days are definitely getting shorter. This weeks Small Talk Six topic is "6 things you will (or won't) miss about summer."

1. I will miss being able to go outside every day all day. Letting Adelae go outside and run around helps her burn energy and helps me save my sanity.

2. I will miss being able to open all the windows. I love having the fresh air moving through the house all summer.

3. I will miss the smell of freshly mowed grass. It's the one smell that tells you IT'S SUMMER TIME!

4. I will NOT miss the flies or the other bugs.

5. I will NOT miss the humidity! It hasn't been all that hot this summer, but the himidity has been killing me! The other day it was 75*, but it was so incredibly humid. I was dripping sweat for no good reason!

6. I will miss all the great fresh vegetables from the garden and Dad's sweet corn patch.

I already can't wait till next summer!

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Kelly said...

Great List. Over my way it has been extremely hot. But like you I will miss the summer fruits.

here's mine

Kara said...

Great list! It's been super hot here so fall is when we WILL be able to play outside and open the windows to catch a breeze, LOL!

Staci said...

I'm definitely going to miss all the fresh fruits and veggies too!