Monday, August 17, 2009

Who Did It? Not Me!

Ahhh yes, Not Me! Monday time again! The perfect outlet to admit all your dirty little secrets..or not.

Since I would NEVER forget to bring my daughter's bathing suit home, I would NEVER let her swim naked in her little pool! That would be highly improper!

I most certainly did not tell my husband that if he didn't like the rules, he could go sit in time out. That would be terribly embarrassing! He certainly did NOT go sit in time out, just to make a point. This did NOT make me expel water from my nose because I was laughing so hard.

I did NOT forget to post about Brinna's two week check up on my blog. Nope! I'm always right on top of my blog posts! I would never ever let almost a week go by with out updating everyone!

I also DIDN'T break doctor's orders and return to my normal activity with in two weeks after my c-section. I know that WASN'T ME that did the laundry, and the dishes and carried four gallons of milk! Nope! I strictly followed the rules!

And I would NEVER EVER tell my toddler that if she laid down, Mommy would be up in a minute and instead sat down to type this blog. That would make me a TERRIBLE mommy! And when I took a break to check on her, I most certainly did NOT find her fast asleep cuddling her (my) Care Bear!

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Michelle said...

That is too funny! I think I need to start sending my husband to time-out! Maybe my mom, too! lol