Monday, December 21, 2009

Not Me! Monday

Here we go again! Time to admit all those things I didn't do this week!

I most certainly did not spend too much money Christmas shopping for my kids this week. Nope! I had a strict budget and I stuck to it! I most certainly would never be walking through the store and think "Oh! That would be perfect!" after already buying everything on my list.

I would never ever harass my husband while he was trying to nap...three days in a row. I would never tell him "I don't get to nap so neither do you." After all, that would be mean. I would also never make him sleep on the futon in the spare room for a week because his snoring was keeping me up at night. Nope! Now that would be plain old mean!

I would never use the excuse that the baby is sick to get out of doing housework. Nope! Never! I would never use that excuse to get out of cooking dinner either. No way!

I would never ignore my mother's wish list for Christmas and get her something she needs, not something she wants. No way! I would not try to inform her that pajamas, even nice ones, are not appropriate to wear to holiday functions. Nope! I mean, each person should be able to wear what they want...unless it's pajamas.

Anything you want to admit to this week? You can see more Not Me! Monday at My Charming Kids.

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Kelli @ RTSM said...

I'm sure I will NOT spend way more money than I need too...once I finish doing my Christmas shopping:)