Tuesday, December 1, 2009

I'm Thankful Day #21

***I had this done yesterday, but I must have gotten interrupted and never published it. I can't imagine what would have distracted me. Hmm.... ;) ***

Today I'm thankful for my bread maker. It's not new or fancy, but it's mine! It came from my grandmother via my Aunt Carol. I remember when Grandma first got the bread maker. We thought it was so cool! She was constantly baking different kinds of bread. Like most things, the enthusiasm wore off after awhile, but she would still bake fresh bread whenever I asked. So, now when I make bread, I think of her. Even though she's gone, it's another great connection I have with her. Plus, have you ever smelled bread baking? It's smells SO good! And it's awfully tasty too!

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