Monday, December 7, 2009

I'm Thankful Day #27

I'm thankful for second hand things. Almost everything in our house is second hand. We got our stove for $50 at a yard sale, our fridge was my Dad and Carol's, our table was my brother's, Adelae's bed was bought off of Craigslist, most of the girls' clothes are second hand, almost all of our infant toys (walker, exersaucer, swing and bouncy seat) came from either friends or a second hand store. I count my blessings that we have friends and family that are willing to give us their gently used things. I am also thankful for the people that donate or sell their items to the second hand store. With out their generosity (let's face it, they could just throw the stuff out) we wouldn't have half of the things that we do. Like many people, we just can't afford to buy everything brand new. Someday I'll replace the second had appliances with new, someday I'll have a kitchen table with matching chairs, someday my kids will have all brand new clothes, someday..... But until then, we'll be thankful for the second hand things that we have.

This walker is second hand, or maybe even third or fourth hand, and as you can see, it doesn't bother Brinna at all!

**Disclaimer--I know walker's aren't safe for kids. I can assure you that this one has a locking feature on the wheels. I also know that her feet don't touch the ground and it's probably bad for her hips.

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Chris said...

Great Amercan Garage Sales & Auctions are the best to get good items at a cheap price. Ther eis nothing wrong with that, us kids were raised that way and it makes you respect all items new or used when you get them.