Sunday, December 6, 2009

I'm Thankful Day #26

No, I didn't forget today's post. We've been really busy lately! With Christmas coming and two sick kids, I haven't had much time to write the last few days. So, today I'm thankful for forgotten thermometers. We somehow managed to misplace our good ear thermometer and I was in a near panic. I KNEW Adelae had a bad fever, but I couldn't tell just how bad it was. After much searching and digging through things, I stumbled across an almost new thermometer. It was just a regular digital, but better than nothing! When I took Adelae's temp (this was last night by the way) it was 101.5 under her arm. I do NOT do well when my kids have fevers. I can deal with a cold no problem, but not fevers! I think it's because Adelae never really gets fevers. I think she's had a high fever maybe one other time in her life. That was when she had a horrible double ear infection. So, of course, my mind immediately goes into over drive when I see numbers about 100 on the thermometer. I finally got her to take some medicine and her fever broke, or so we thought. This afternoon she felt warm again, so I got out the thermometer that I had found (and put away in it's proper place so I wouldn't lose it again) and checked her again. Her temp was creeping up into the 100's again. So, I dosed her again with Motrin. Of course, I had to check Brinna (no temp, thank goodness). I did wind up finding the lost thermometer, only to find that it has quit working properly. So, I'm glad I found the other one!

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