Thursday, December 3, 2009

I'm Thankful Day #23

Today I'm thankful for Christmas decorations! I love it when all the decorations are up. We don't have a ton of things, but I love putting up the things we do have. This year I didn't do a lot of the "putting up" of decoration. I was busy taking care of a sick infant and taking pictures. Brinna slept through most of the decorating, but we did get a few pictures with her.

I left the tree "decorationing" to Ben and Adelae this year. She loved helping! It resulted in a lot of ornaments on the bottom row of the tree. I think each branch had about 6 different ornaments on it. We moved them and when she noticed, I told her Santa did it. I assured her that he had to move them so there was room under the tree for presents.

Adelae always puts the angel on the tree. I suppose next year we'll have to give each girl a turn. Or maybe just get two angels!

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