Sunday, June 7, 2009

GusGus, Pirate Kitty, and Whiner

'Member our kittens? They're about a month old and are really movin' and a groovin' now. They've started playing, eating kitten food, and exploring the yard. I thought for sure that Annie would be chewing on them, but she doesn't seem to pay them much attention. Of course, that could be because Zoey beats Annie up when she gets close to the kittens (Annie is our lab/cocker mix and Zoey is the proud Mommy of the kittens.) It's true..Annie is kind of a wussy and Zoey will chase her around the yard yowling and hissing. I firmly believe that it's mostly in good fun :) Ben was out with the camera last night and happened to catch all 3 of our the little kitties in some great photos. If you know us, you know we LOVE animals, so I wanted to post them for the world (or the few of you that read my blog) to enjoy.

Perhaps I should take a minute to explain the names.

GusGus got her (we think), yes it's a girl, name from the mouse in Cinderella. GusGus (the mouse) is none too smart but always up for a challenge, much like our GusGus. The plan was to change the name, but I think it's here to stay. Isn't she adorable?

Pirate Kitty (also a girl...we think) had a nasty eye infection when she was little, so she looked like she had a patch on her eye. Again, the plan was to change the name, but the poor think is stuck with being Pirate Kitty for the rest of her life. We do call her PK for short! :)

Whiner is so named because she (we think) whines A LOT and VERY LOUDLY!

Here's a little video of the kittens trying to climb the tree. You'll see Zoey come in and try to drag them out of the tree. She's not quite sure her little ones should be as fearless as they are!

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GwennS said...

AWWWWE! I want one! They are sooo cute. :)