Saturday, June 6, 2009

6 Things I'm Proud Of

Small Talk Six time! I've been absent the last few weeks, but this weeks topic was one I couldn't ignore.

Six Things About My Child That I Am Proud Of:

1. Adelae has FANTASTIC verbal abilities. She speaks in full sentences, and can actually carry on a conversation. I don't know it that makes her advanced or not, but I LOVE it!

2. She is a kind and loving little girl. She jumps on my lap at least three or four times a day, give me a BIG hug and proudly proclaims "I love you SO much Momma!"

3. Even though she's an only child, she plays great with other kids. She shares well, helps well, and doesn't get frazzled when other kids aren't quite as nice as Mommy thinks they should be.

4. Adelae knows all of her letters (upper and lower case) and can name most of the sounds they make. She can also name most of her numbers. The other day she handed me a magnet and said "Look Momma! It's an 8!" and it was!

5. She has an amazing singing voice! Ok, well,not really. I mean, she's only 2! BUT, she does love to sing and has a nice long list of songs she will regularly sing.

6. Adelae has a great memory. I really started working with about two months ago and she astounds me. For instance...we were at the dinner table the other night and she starts telling me about how she doesn't like Wendy's or the 'Donald's where the boys go "RAAARRR." Her and I went to Wendy's about 2 weeks ago and she refused to eat her cheeseburger because it was "nasty" (and it was). And about a week before that she was playing at the McDonald's Play Place and some big boys scared her in the tunnels by screaming. I should mention that we weren't talking about either thing, and she mentioned these facts to her Daddy quite out of the blue. I was impressed!

I could go on and on and on! I am so very very proud of my little girl.

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Upstatemomof3 said...

It really is a dangerous topic - most of us mommies could easily go on and on about why we are proud of our babies. :)

Momstart said...

What great things to be proud of, your daughter is really cute

The Mud Bug said...

She sounds like such a sweet and loving little girl. You should be proud.