Tuesday, June 30, 2009

The deer and the dog

We were hanging out in the living room the other day and Ben shouts "Holy SH!T! It's a deer!!!" I start freaking out thinking there is some crazed deer in our yard. So, I start shouting "GET THE DOG, GET THE DOG!!!" And Ben says "NO! It's a little deer!!!" So, we all troop over to the living room windows and sure enough..a tiny baby deer is in the yard! It was so young, it still had the white spots on it. Now, we have a black lab that's a year old. You would think that Annie would bark, chase it, or at least do SOMETHING, but well, THIS is what she did instead....
First, she walked the little deer across the road and into the yard

Then she made sure that the deer stayed close enough that we could get a few pictures

(In case you're wondering..this is about 3 feet out our front window. We could have touched the deer if we really tried)

Then she walked the baby deer over the side yard.

After all that excitement the baby deer decided it needed a nap and that our lilac bush would be a perfect place for that.

Shortly after that, Annie decided she needed to lay down with the deer and it took off into the field. Annie thought that was great fun and took off after it. Sadly, we haven't seen the baby deer since. It was so so cute and I really think we could have petted it if we really wanted to. Hopefully the little one found it's mommy and will always remember it's 10 minutes in our yard. :)


B. said...

That is pretty cute, Devo would have tried to play with it and scared it away in the process.

the monkey's mama said...

WOW! what an incredible series of photos. I can't believe how close the deer allowed your dog to come...

Thanks for commenting on my guest post at OurLifeUpstate! I hope you will stop by my blog for more tutorial fun!

GwennS said...

Wow, that is awesome! Just watch out for the mama deer!