Friday, June 19, 2009

Farewell Old Friend

I have a coffee addiction, I know I do. I was so excited to find out that I was "allowed" to drink coffee while pregnant. Ok, I may be taking the "allowed" thing a little far. Actually, what my doctor said was "A cup or two won't hurt anything." Well, I took some liberties. I'm a 6-cup-a-dayer. I can't help it. I love coffee. It makes me happy. I drink hot coffee when it's 100* outside. With out it my mornings seem so empty. I NEED my coffee. I have gone to great lengths to fuel my addiction. I've used paper towels as filters, used boiling water poured over grounds to make a cup (not recommended by the way), driven in the rain snow and shine to the gas station, once I even borrowed some coffee from a neighbor. I love the way it smells, tastes and makes me feel. I love coffee!!! I loved my coffee maker too. I got it from Gevalia when I was in college. I've toted it to every apartment for about 8 years. It was programmable and stainless steel (coated I'm sure). I was literally heartbroken when I went to make coffee yesterday only to find my trusty friend was no longer working. ***sigh*** I did with out my coffee yesterday (it was hard and I needed a nap just to get through the day). I replaced my old friend with a new friend today. I gave my friend a little hug, and sent it on it's way to coffee maker heaven. I'm looking forward to starting a new chapter in my coffee making book. I can already tell this new coffee maker and I are going to be great friends.

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GwennS said...

LOL...I love this post. I too am a coffee addict. I don't know how many cups I drink per se..I have a huge coffee mug that I drink 3-4 of every morning. I probably shouldn't ever measure it out, I like to stay aloof :-)