Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Mommy Brain

Call it Mommy Brain or Momnesia, whatever it is, I've got it! I started forgetting small stuff after Adelae was born. Just little things, like where I left my keys or my cell phone. (One time I left my cell phone in my robe pocket and actually reported it missing to the company before I finally found it.) Then I got pregnant again. I started to forget people's names, birthdays, etc. I would say things like, "Ya know who I'm talking about, the guy with the beard and the hat" or something similar. Thankfully, Ben's pretty good at interpreting sentences like that. He may not remember their names, but he knows who I'm talking about. Lately, I feel my memory slipping even more. Now I seem to have trouble recalling, well, anything! I'll often leave one room, walk in to another only to look around and forget what I was doing. Example: I was doing dishes the other day, remembered that I needed something in the living room, stopped doing the dishes, went to the living room, and.....sat down and watched TV! Not only did I forget what I went into the living room for, I totally forgot that I was in the middle of doing the dishes! I have gotten dressed, only to realize that I haven't taken a shower! Last night I was making dinner and I asked Ben to hold Brinna. I said "Can you hold her, I have to get know...the food out of big white thing that gets hot and cooks the OVEN! Yeah! I have to get the food out of the oven!" He thought I was being sarcastic and silly, when I wasn't! I couldn't remember what the darn thing was called! I'm hoping my memory gets better soon, otherwise I'm going to have to start carrying a notepad and pen to write things down. Anyone wanna bet that I'll forget where I put the notepad and pen?


Ashylee said...

Don't worry, your not alone. I do that all the time and I'm not pregnant or didn't reciently have a babty. I have nothing to blame it on!

maria said...

if it makes you feel better... every child you have you loose some brain cells...haha