Sunday, September 27, 2009

Full up to my head

This conversation took place during lunch after sitting at the table for over 30 mins.

Me: Adelae, you really need to stop goofing around and eat your sandwich.

Adelae (in a very stern voice): I CAN'T!!!

Me: Why not?

Adelae (still in a stern voice): Cause I. DON'T. WANNA!

Me: Well, that's too bad. You need to eat the rest of your sandwich.

Adelae: But I'm full up to my head!

Me: Are you sure, cause you really didn't eat much except for your chips.

Adelae (you could see the light go on over her little head): I need more chips!

Me: I thought you were full up to your head?

Adelae: Chips don't go in my head, only sandwiches go in my head.

Me: Where do they go?

Wait for it....

Adelae: In my BELLY silly Mommy!

So there ya have it. Sandwiches go in your head, but chips go in your belly.

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Ashylee said...

Classic! Sound like something Hayden would say.