Friday, May 1, 2009

What a Crappy Day

I really try to keep my blog positive and up-beat, but I'm just having one of those days. You know, that day were it seems like EVERYTHING goes wrong?

I was scheduled to work today and I slept through my alarm. Lucky for me, I woke up in time to get everything ready. Then, I woke up Adelae to take her to the sitter's house and she started screaming and throwing a fantastic temper tantrum. Picture it..It's 6:45, I'm 6 months pregnant carrying a screaming, kicking and crying toddler down an extremely steep and narrow set of stairs. Not so much fun!

I did make it to school on time, thank goodness! My day was filled with a lot of nothing. Ok, that part wasn't that bad, just sort of boring. Then I rush to the insurance agent's office to fill out paperwork. I had called three hours before so that he would know I was coming. I even stressed the importance of having the papers ready to sign so I could dash in and out. Well, he didn't have the papers ready. In fact, he had to re-quote me the whole thing. Um, couldn't he have done that three hours before when I called? So, I had to run and get Adelae from the baby sitter's. Adelae loves her baby sitter and I had to drag her out of there kicking and screaming. Literally! Also, she was covered in chocolate pudding. Not a big deal in itself, but I had (of course) sent her to the sitter in good clothes. I probably should have mentioned that to the sitter right? Especially since I normally send her in play clothes. So, that's a big DUH on my part! (BTW..I'm confident the pudding will come out of the clothes, so it's not a problem..just one of those things!) So, with a screaming toddler in the back seat..back to the insurance agent's office we go. He's STILL not done re-quoting and printing, so we had to wait even longer. Finally we leave! Hooray..home at last!

We get home and I try to flush the toilet. Oh wait...I didn't tell you that part! We've been having some problems with our toilet not flushing. Having never had a septic tank before, we never even thought that could be a problem. We've been assuming that the ditch is too full of water for the toilet to flush properly. Well, last night we determined that the toilet is not flushable and the ditch isn't all that full. But, I was keeping my fingers crossed and hoping that it would work today. Guess what? It didn't. Not only did it overflow, it overflowed ALL over the floor. So, I used literally every towel we have in the house to sop up the mess. Not my idea of a good time. Have you ever tried to lift a laundry basket of soaking wet towels while 6 months pregnant? (Not the kind of wet like when you get them out of the washer, but dripping wet and covered in toilet water?) Well, it's not fun, or possible really. At this point I was so frustrated, I cried. Then I cried some more. And in case that wasn't enough...I cried more.

Just for kicks I decided to check our online banking. (I'm sort of obsessive about checking it.) I found out that the insurance agent charged me almost $30.00 more than what he said he did. Of course, the office is closed and will remain that way till Monday morning.

To attempt to make my day a little better I thought I'd try out a a new chicken recipe. Then I realized that it's 5:45 and the recipe takes at least an hour or more. So, scratch that for dinner. Now I'm sitting here typing this thinking "What in the heck are we going to have for dinner?" Nothing is unthawed, I have NO desire to cook anything and nobody delivers. I could have Ben stop and pick something up, but I have his debit card, so that's a no go. Perhaps someone would like to bring me something? Please?!


Seattle_Blondie said...

Oh Shaun, I'm sorry! I'd bring you dinner tonight. If only Seattle were closer! I hope that your evening gets better!

A. said...


I wish I read this yesterday. And I wish I lived closer.