Saturday, May 9, 2009

My Mommy and I

It's Small Talk Six time again! I'm a little late with this weeks post, but better late than never!
The topic this week is Six Ways You are Like/Unlike Your Mother

I have a sort of strange relationship with my mom. I didn't grow up living with her or even seeing her that much. So, I've only gotten to know my mother as an adult, not as a child. It's interesting how much we are alike though! And amazing how incredibly different we are too!

1) My mom and I share a lot of the same physical characteristics. I can remember looking at pictures of her when she was little and comparing them to pictures of me at the same age. It always amazed me how much we looked the same. Now that I'm older, the resemblance is there, but not as much as when I was little.

2) My mom and I have the same voice. In all fairness, so do all of my aunts and my female cousins. We all have a fairly deep voice for women. Also, we all are very very LOUD! The more of us there are in a room, the louder we get!

3) My mom and I are both bookworms. In fact, we have almost the exact same taste in books. I refer to her collection as my personal library.

4) My mom HATES clutter and I live in constant clutter. (I do have a two year old after all.) When Mom comes to visit, she's always folding blankets, picking up toys, trying to do my dishes, etc. She came to stay with me for the day after I had Adelae. I had a c-section and was fairly limited to what I could and couldn't do. Ben had to work at 6:00 am, so my mom came over about 5:30 am to stay with me and help me with Adelae. She started cleaning our apartment as soon as she got there. I'm not ashamed to admit that I went back to bed and let her clean!

5) My mom is a definite homebody and I like to get out and go. I think part of that is the fact that she works all week long, so on her days off she's perfectly content to stay home. I, on the other hand, like to GO on my days off (not that I really get days off). I want to go shopping, out to lunch, to the movies, pretty much anywhere that's not my house. Mom would much rather prefer to kick back at home with a good book and her TV shows.

6) My mom is much more of a Negative Nancy than I am. Sometimes it feels like she can find the negative in any situation. I often joke that if she won the lottery, she'd find something negative to focus on. I like to think that I'm much more of an optimist than she is.

This a picture of Mom, Adelae and myself taken this past Christmas.


~ Kathy ~ said...

I totally agree with #4 my Mom is the same way...I have 5 kids so my house is played in 24-7 I can clean all day and it can be destroyed in like 2

Ashylee said...

OMG.. My family is loud too.. i think i might be the most soft spoken one and i can me really loud too!

A. said...

What a great list!

1. I love Guiding Light, just like my mom did. We used to watch all the CBS soaps together during the summer. Watching soap operas again was a nice bonus of being on maternity leave!

2. I like to hang out at home or at the home of a friend, talking, eating and laughing. I don't need to be in a bar or restaurant and there doesn't need to be a reason to get together; just hanging out is perfect for me. I am pretty sure I get that from my mom.

3. I like to grocery shop. I know I get that from my mom. We used to go together all the time when I lived at home. We'd hit up Chief's and then get Taco Bell.

4. My mom wasn't very active, like exercise-wise. I hate to exercise, but I love to walk and play softball and sand volleyball and swim.

5. My mom always called people on their birthdays. I loved that. I don't like to talk on the phone like she did, but I do try to celebrate everyone's birthdays with cards.

6. My mom was an early riser. That is NOT me. She'd be up and at 'em at 6 in the morning, if not earlier, year round. I'd rather sleep till 11 or noon before starting my day!