Friday, May 29, 2009

Adelae rides a horse!

We spent Memorial Day at the Fort Wayne Children's Zoo with our good friends The Daniels Family. The day started out a little chilly, but wound up being almost perfect.

Adelae has been talking about riding the ponies since we went to the zoo the last time. I kept telling her "Oh, we'll ride the pony next time sweetie." Apparently, she has a good memory. When we told her we were going to the zoo she said "And I ride the pony Mommy!" (I would like to mention that her memory amazes me sometimes). I'll admit Mommy was a little apprehensive about the ponies. I knew they had miniature ponies for the little kids and an adult can walk along side, so I agreed that she could ride the ponies. I really expected Adelae to get a little scared when she got on the pony, but nope! Daddy was at her side and she was ready to go!

I'll admit, Ben is a little less careful (paranoid) than I am. He never actually held on to her while she was riding. I would have had a death grip on her! But, as you can see, she was just fine!

She adored her brown pony and now wants one of her very own. The scary thing? I swear when she said "please" to her Daddy in her sweet little voice, he was actually thinking about it!

We took a ton of really cute pictures of Adelae, Caitlyn and Crosby. They're all over on our Shutterfly site.

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A. said...

She is totally daddy's little girl! If he caves and gets her a pony, I'll laugh and laugh!

I'm glad you guys made it to the zoo this summer. If you ever make it this way, we'd love to hit the T-town zoo!