Saturday, May 2, 2009

Small Talk Six: What I always wanted to know...

About my teachers!

1. Did they ever gossip about the kids in the teacher's lounge? The answer is yes!

2. I still wonder about my high school Science teacher. He was extremely touchy with the boys, almost to the point of inappropriate. One time he smacked me across the face with a rolled up stack of tests. I still wonder how he got away with behaving like that. I hated him. In fact, I think my hatred of Science can be attributed to him!

3. I wonder what happened to my Educational Psychology teacher from college. He was the nicest man, but the worst teacher. All he did was make outlines from the book, put them on transparency, then read them to us. Of course, all his tests were application questions that he never covered in class. I also wonder why he never got the hint that he was a bad teacher. Everyone always failed his tests. In fact, I remember one test he had to grade on a huge curve because the highest grade was 46%!

4. I always wondered if the really young teachers ever got crushes on their students.

5. If you are an elementary teacher, is it mandatory to wear the sweaters with the little things embroidered on them? (aka pumpkins for Halloween, leaves for fall, turkeys for Thanksgiving, Christmas trees for Christmas, etc).

6. What did they do during the summer, especially the teachers with out kids. Did they have to get summer jobs? Or did they get to lay in the sun all summer? Maybe go on a three month vacation? I think that three month break was one of the reasons I wanted to be a teacher so bad!


Ashylee said...

LOL to the last one.. I'm pretty sure that;s the reason i wanted to be a teacher too.

Staci said...

#1 is so true! I think anywhere that you get a group of people together, gossiping goes on.

babyrocasmama said...

Number 5- Only if you live or are from the Midwest? I dunno, but those sweaters are hideous! LOL

I am amazed at the number of lists I have seen with an entry involving a teacher hitting a student. Did NO ONE speak up back then?

I realize that some teachers today want to haul off and deck some of the more rebellious, disrespectful students (and sometimes this can be a matter of self-defense) but dang! We didn't have that kind of behavior back then. I think we were all pretty tame compared to what kids act like today.

I am awed by anyone who chooses to become a teacher in this day and age, considering the attitudes they must put up with from their students. :)

Upstatemomof3 said...

I always thought my teachers sort of disappeared all summer. I kind of imagined them as sitting at their desk turned off. :) And as for the getting crushes on their students I am sure that it happens. :)

A. said...

These questions are hard! I'm not sure I ever wondered anything about my teachers. So, I'll share six random thoughts instead! :-)

1. It was kinda strange for me to be around my friends' parents outside the classroom who were teachers. Hanging out in my friend Sara's hot tub for instance was a little odd when her mom was your third-grade teacher, even though it was years later. I don't know why; I'm strange.

2. I loved how every year the word about our history teacher's tattoo would get out to the freshmen. I think he showed it off on purpose! I also think he stood with his leg propped on a chair to show off his 'manhood'. (Ask Ben!)

3. I remember thinking my teachers were old when I had them, but now I realize they were probably only in their 20s for the most part.

4. I hated my second-grade teacher. Hated her. Kinda funny now that two of her grandchildren are two of my closest friends.

5. My fifth-grade teacher was known throughout the district for picking her nose and flicking boogers at students. Or maybe we made that up. :-)

6. I can't remember hardly any of my junior high teachers. I remember all of my elementary and high school teachers, but the junior high ones are blurry.