Tuesday, May 26, 2009

What are you having?

People are forever asking me "Are you having a boy or a girl?" When I respond "I don't know." They shake their head and say "Oh, you're not going to find out?" Then I feel the need to go into the whole explanation of how we had the ultrasound too early to tell the gender, etc, etc. Then they always say "Oh! Well you'll find out soon then!" Ben and I really want to find out the gender of the baby (I hate surprises), but I wonder, would it be so weird if we didn't want to know? What if I did want to be surprised? Why would it matter to the perfect stranger at the grocery store? And why do they always look so sad when I say that I don't know the gender yet and so relieved when they find out that we will know before the baby is born? It's a strange phenomenon to me. It almost makes me want to NOT find out the gender. Notice I said "almost." As long as this baby cooperates, we will know the gender on Monday, June 8. We are scheduled for another ultrasound at 11:00 am. I'm hoping that they will be on time and I will know if it's a he or a she by 11:05! :)

On another note, no we don't have any names picked out.


Ashylee said...

it sucks that people are so nosey about these things, i mean come on! its my business, not yours. Hang in there though, your almost through it1

B. said...

We told people we weren't finding out and we got a couple different responses. Some wanted to why we didn't find out? How are we supposed to know what to buy you? What color are you painting the room?
The other group was really excited to know that we weren't finding out and said to many people find out nowadays.
It is funny how people differ and how nosey they are. Some peeps actually had a conspiracy theory that we knew and were not telling.

I think next time you get asked you should act like you aren't prego and that you just have a huge beer gut and be offended.

A. said...

I was going to comment, but B. beat me to it!