Friday, January 25, 2008

Adelae's birth story...retold

It's been almost a year since Adelae was born. I frequently think about what I was doing a year ago. I was very very pregnant and miserable! I could NOT wait to give birth. I just wanted my body back! So, almost one year later, here is Adelae's birth story retold.

It all started in Dec. I went to the doc and had severly high blood pressure. They immediately sent me to the hossy for overnight monitoring. They were convinced I was going to have her that day. Turns out, I wasn't spilling any protein, so they sent me home. No special diet or bedrest. I still don't know what they were thinking. I really think my doc was a quack. I was going to a clinic at the time, so I don't think they really knew what they were doing. As my 3rd trimester continued, my blood pressure just kept climbing. An average for me was 150/110. AVERAGE! I didn't realize it at the time, but that was REALLY bad! So, they put me on a bp medicine. Still no instructions to watch my diet or stay off my feet. I was working at Best Buy at the time, so I was constantly on my feet. I started retaining water REALLY bad. My ankles were nonexistant and my feet and hands were the size of balloons. I couldn't even wear normal shoes. My legs and feet started pitting really bad about the middle of my 3rd trimester (jan). Pitting is when you press on your skin and the print still stays after you remove your hand. I was still testing neg. for proteins. At my 38 week checkup they FINALLY decided to send me to the hossy to be induced. When I got to the hossy, they tested my protein and it was at a +4. The nurse said "There's no way you're leaving this hospital without having this baby." Nothing like scaring the crap out of me!
Adelae was as stubborn in womb has she has been out of it. They did Cervadil on Mon night and it didn't help. So, all day Tuesday I was on Pitocin. Keep in mind I wasn't allowed to eat anything but clear broth, jello and water this whole time. So, little food on Monday, no food on Tuesday. The Pitocin never put me into a regular labor pattern. And my blood pressure was still climbing. By Tuesday morning I was on complete bedrest and I was being pumped full on Magnesium to prevent seizures. At this point my bp was about 170/130. So, the Pitocin didn't work. They did another round of Cervadil and it didn't work..again. I remember the nurse checking me on Wed. morning and I still hadn't dilated at all and my cervix hadn't thinned out at all. I was an emotional wreck.
Not to mention, this was all during a MAJOR snowstorm. In my room were me (of course), Ben and my mom. Not fun in a tiny little hospital room. Nobody could leave because we didn't know when the baby would come and the roads were not driveable. For those you who know me, food is a major thing. If I'm hungry, I'm cranky. And I'm a caffeine junky. I was desperate for a real meal, a cup of coffee and a shower. I could have dealt with everything else if I'd just been able to take a freakin' shower.
So, Wednesday morning comes and no change. I blurted out, "Just get this kid OUT of me NOW!" Not too long after the doc comes in, this was about 9:00 am. He says that he thinks the best thing for me is to have a c-section. We knew all along that it was a possibility, but I still wasn't ready to hear those words. Ben and I discussed it, and we decided that was the best thing. It seemed like in the blink of an eye the anesthesiologist was in there and I was signing all kinds of consent forms. Off we went to the operating room. Now, I've never had any surgery (that I can remember) so as soon as I saw the operating room I totally freaked out. I started hypervenalating. They get me in the room and the anesthesiologist couldn't get the spinal in. He hit my vertebrae and bent the needle into an "s" shape. Not cool!!!! Not to mention, they didn't have a full staff of nurses, so there was only ONE nurse in there, when there's suppose to be at least two, if not three. I was afraid they were going to have Ben suit up! We went into the operating room at about 11:00 and at 11:27 Adelae was born.
But wait...there's more!!!!
I started hemoragging almost immediately after the surgery. Again, I didn't realize how bad it was till after the fact. They gave me MORE Pitocin to help my uterus contract. Thank God it worked. I didn't know it at the time (my delivery nurse told me this later), but they were prepped and ready to do a hysterectomy on me. I'm so glad that didn't have to happen. I was on bedrest for the remainder of Wednesday and part of Thursday. Walking after being in bed for so long was one of the most painful things I've ever had to do. I refused to take anything stronger than 800mg Ibuprfen. I wanted to breastfeed and I didn't think the Darvocet would be good for the baby. Luckily I'm tough
So, who thinks I'm crazy for wanting to do it all again?

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