Sunday, March 22, 2009

It's Spring!

I'm calling it. It's officially spring! I was holding off on saying the actual words for fear that Mother Nature would decide to play a cruel trick and give us another snow storm. In the last few weeks, I've taken the plastic off the windows, slowly retired the outer layer to my Columbia winter coat, spent numerous hours outside and have been in a generally better mood. In fact, we're all in better moods! The first thing Adelae says in the morning is "Doe outside Mommy!" Mommy can't go outside till she's had a few cups of coffee, so we usually wait till after lunch, but go outside we do! I'm even making plans to get my garden planted. I can't wait to have fresh vegetables again! I'm going to take full advantage of our freezer space this year. Nothing goes to waste! Even though I'll be about 9 months pregnant when it's time to "harvest" our little patch, I'm hoping to expand our garden just a little bit. There are lots of things I'd like to plant this year. Let's hope I'm not being too ambitious!

Ben and Adelae even washed the car the other day! I have some great pictures on our Shutterfly. There are WAY too many to post over here!

I'm officially past the 1/2 way mark with baby #2! This pregnancy has flown by. I feel great, have lots of energy (most days), am showing no signs of blood pressure problems and am much more even keeled this time around. The baby moves ALL the time now too. He/She sure is a squirmy little thing.I'm getting bigger day by day, bu that's ok! It means the baby is healthy and growing. Photobucket This baby already knows Adelae's voice too. When she talks to my belly, which is often, the baby kicks and kicks. She likes to inform the little bean "I Adelae, I two, I big sister!" I think she already loves the baby in her own little way.

This is one of my new favorite pictures.

Ben got some great news this spring too! He is being moved to First Shift Leader as soon as they find and train his replacement. His long three years of working weekends is over! Hooray! It will be so nice to have a normal schedule again. It's more pressure for him since he'll have more people to manage and the demands are higher. I know he can do it though. They wouldn't have asked him if he couldn't!

The sun is up, my coffee is gone and I have a toddler that just wants to play! We'll be making the most out of another fabulous day!

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