Monday, March 9, 2009

19 weeks and 2 days

I had my routine OB check up on Monday. My blood pressure is actually in the low range and so is my weight gain. Looks like this pregnancy will continue to be smooth sailing! The baby's heartbeat was 133 beats per minute. If you believe in old wive's tales this means we're having a boy! This particular old wives tale was accurate with Adelae, so we're hoping it's right this time. Yes, I'll admit..we're hoping for a boy this time around. My doctor has agreed to give me another ultrasound sometime around 32 weeks. Hopefully we'll be able to find out the gender at that time. It would be nice to know for sure!

Just for fun, let's see what you all think! Click on the banner below and let us know what you think the gender, weight, length and actual delivery date will be. Winner gets a prize!!!!

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