Monday, March 1, 2010

Not Me! Monday

Hooray! It's time for Not Me! Monday!

I most certainly did not take the day off on Saturday. I certainly did not go to the mall alone, even though I was on crutches. I also did not take my ol sweet time and crutch around the mall a few times, even though I had already bought what I went for. I would never do that! Upon returning from the mall, I did not plunk down in front of the computer and declare myself "off duty until further notice." I did not tell my husband that he was in charge of dinner cause I was too tired from crutching around the mall. I did not also use my severely sprained ankle as a way to make him wait on me. I would never do that! I would also never lock myself in the bathroom for an hour while soaking in a hot bath. When my husband told me at 9:00 pm how exhausted he was from his day as a stay at home dad, I would never say "See how hard it is?" I would also never ask him if he wants to trade jobs. His answer would never be a resounding "NO!" If he were to say "NO!" I would never dissolve into hysterical laughter. Nope! Not me!

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Foursons said...

I've tried that on my hubby. He still thinks his job is harder. Whatever!