Friday, March 5, 2010

Letters of Intent


Dear AT&T,

I'm having a love/hate relationship with you right now. I love my phone, I love your over the phone customer service. However, I DETEST your coverage. You see, I was a happy Centennial customer until December. My husband and I wanted spiffy new phones, and since you bought out Centennial, we had the option to switch carriers. Clearly, we opted to do so. Originally our coverage was a little spotty, but we chalked it up to the switching over of the towers. When I went in to your store and waited an hour and a half to see someone (a whole different issue) to explain my problem, I was told that we just needed new SIM cards. Keep in mind, this was within my 30 days Buyer Remorse period. Well, the new SIM cards didn't work to fix the problem. So, I called your customer care line. I've received fantastic help, but they are unable to cancel my contract unless I pay the cancellation fee, which is out of my budget (which you already know). So now I have a phone that receives coverage about 1/2 the time. It has also started to randomly turn off and on all by itself. This, by the way, is my second handset. So you see, I can't decide if I love you or hate you. I so badly want to cancel my service and use a carrier that works better in my area, but I know I'll sacrifice your excellent customer service. I'm so frustrated. Every single time I try to make a call and my phone says "Emergency Calls Only" I feel like bashing it against the wall. Surely you have an exception to your no cancellation rule. Surely we fit into that category. Please?

A frustrated user

Dear VTech,

I'm not impressed at all with your customer service. I called you because our VSmile TV Learning System quit working after having it for 1 month. When I called the first time, I was told to re-set the system and I did. It worked for another 2 months. When I called the second time, I was told that you would replace my system, but not with the one I had. It was your "new and upgraded" version. However, this "new" version did not include the microphone or the writing pad on the controller. When I explained that I would be happy to take your replacement, if you would send me the one that I had, your representative became quite *ahem* bitchy with me. She acted like I was stupid, which I'm not. I simply wanted my system replaced with what I already had. If that was not possible, I was willing to take a voucher for the price of the system, so I could apply it to another VTech toy, and if that wasn't possible I wanted the VTech Motion. All you kept saying was "I'm sorry, but...." As I explain to my daughter, and apology followed by a "but" is not an apology at all.
Cut to my second phone call in two days, I spoke to a "manager" )who sounded suspiciously like the first representative I spoke to) and was given exactly what I wanted, which was the VTech Motion. So, thank you to the "manager."

Why couldn't you just give me what I wanted the first time


I'm NOT a VOLCANO! said...

You know, you should call your local news channel. A lot of news stations have a guy who is specifically there to do stories on stuff that isn't being done correctly. Like, here in Utah, there's Bill Gephardt. If this happened to me, I could call him, and he'd call the company. In most cases, the company fixes the problem IMMEDIATELY. If they can't fix it, he'll find the real reason why. If they won't, he exposes them and they lose tons of buisness. maybe try that.

Foursons said...

My phone service is with Sprint and my reception in my house stinks. I hate it soooo much!

Glad the "manager" over at VTech got the stuff together and gave you what you wanted.

Thanks for linking up- let me know if AT&T contacts you to fix the problem!

Chris B said...

I am having the same problem with my AT&T service. I have also called the AT&T customer service and they told me that the problem with service is b/c the towers are NOT 3G network.

I agree they should work with you.

the Spocks said...

At&t is horrible however, with us it was worse than that. I hate those commerials they have out right now! Volcano is right I would find someone to call on that one. It is not just happening to you.