Friday, March 12, 2010

Letters of Intent


Dear Dog Abandoner Person,

Thanks! Yes, I said Thank you! I don't know who you are or why you chose to abandon your sweet dog, but your loss is clearly our gain. We thought it might be a little too soon to replace our dear sweet Annie, but I need a dog. We live in the middle of nowhere and I need that security that a dog gives me. I'd been looking around on websites for a week or so when I stumbled upon Vinnie. His picture stole my heart. I decided we must have him! So, we headed off to the pound yesterday to pick him up. I was worried that he would be too big for us to handle, after all we do have two young children.

Turns out that's not much of a problem.
Vinnie has officially been deemed "a good boy" and will be residing with us for a very long time.
I think he looks pretty happy, don't you?

A grateful pet owner

PS..I don't condone just dropping your pet off in the middle of nowhere. I shake my finger at you and say "Bad!"

On a different note,

Dear Baby,
Please sleep. I don't care if it's on me, in your crib, on the floor, or the car seat, just SLEEP! You are 7.5 months old and you have a cold. You NEED TO SLEEP! This business of not napping during the day and only sleeping for 3 hours at a time at night has GOT to stop. I am suffering migraines from exhaustion and I'm more than a little grouchy. So, if you could SLEEP I would really appreciate. Your big sister and daddy would really appreciate it to. We all know that you're the princess, you don't have to exert your power with a sleep strike.



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Jen said...

Oh! Vinnie is so cute! I know what you mean about feeling safe with a dog around. So true! I hope your little one sleeps all night tonight...I know, I know that's asking too much. I know how it is with a baby that doesn't want to sleep.

Foursons said...

I relinked you back up to my blog. Your first link sent readers back to my blog and not yours.

That poor pooch. I'm so glad you got to take him home. He is so cute! I wish you many happy years with that boy.

Sleep. Yes. Baby must sleep and sleep for long stretches of time. Listen baby.

Thanks for linking up, I hope this weekend is full of rest for you!

Mommies-Miracles said...

He is adorable! Good luck with him and thank goodness you were able to bring him home! Also I hope you have luck in getting baby to sleep!