Sunday, April 19, 2009


It's been a really long time since I posted anything! So, here's a quick review of the last few weeks...

I went to the OB and all is fine with our little bean. I'm quickly approaching the third trimester..YAHOO! So far no signs of that nasty problem with my blood pressure. My weight gain is actually BELOW normal, which is perfectly fine with me! At my appointment, I'd only gained a total of 11 pounds. My doctor has given me the green light to officially start eating for two! Within reason of course. The baby's heartbeat was a strong 139 beats per minute. According to him, that means we're having a boy. We'll just have to wait and see!

I've also been going to the chiropractor for my hips. They've been hurting a lot lately, almost to the point that I couldn't walk. I injured my left hip quite some time ago. I guess it's out of place and the muscles are constantly contracting to try to force it back in to place. The fact that I walk on the inside of my feet doesn't help that any. Being pregnant isn't really helping either. So, he's been working to get everything back where it needs to be. I feel so much better now and as an added bonus, my migraines are almost totally gone.

Ben is still working weekends at CPI, but we can see the light at the end of the tunnel. In a few weeks (fingers crossed) he'll be switched to weekdays permanently! Hooray! It will be so nice to have our weekends back again!

Adelae continues to grow like a weed. She speaks in complete sentences now and definitely lets us know what she wants (even if I can't always understand her). Her attitude is making itself more and more pronounced. She doesn't like to get in trouble, what kid does though? The other day I was yelling at her for whining and she said "Mommy, you no talk to me!" Then she walked away! HA! It's so hard not to laugh when she does stuff like that. She has her likes and dislikes and lets them be known. Overall she's pretty great though. She's feeling a little under the weather today, but I'm sure she'll bounce back after a little rest.

That should catch everyone up on the latest and greatest news at the Collins household!

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