Friday, August 15, 2008

Thank God I'm a country girl

In the past few months I've come to realize that I'm a country girl at heart. I do miss the convenience of the city, but I love the quiet of the country. Each time I have to run to Fort Wayne for something, it becomes a little more irritating. There's so much traffic and so much noise. Not to mention, the people just aren't as courteous as they are in the country. I'm not quite sure what has happened to common courtesy. When I go to our small town grocery store I am always asked if I would like help out to my car. In fact, sometimes they are quite insistent that they help me. One woman said "It looks like you have your hands full. Please let me help you." On that day I had bought a gallon of milk and a few other things. I went to a grocery store in Fort Wayne and bought our weekly groceries and I was never asked if I would like help. I didn't need it, but the offer would have been nice. In a small town, if people see a woman alone with a child, they will always hold the door for you. Not so in the city. I was on my way into Adelae's 18 month check up and I had my hands full with a crabby toddler, a purse, diaper bag, a bleeblee (blankey), and Adelae's baby doll. The man going through the door in front of me had empty hands and literally shut the door in my face. I thank God that He has given us the opportunity to raise our daughter in the country where people seem to look out for you no matter what.

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A. said...

I agree wholeheartedly. A move back to the country is inevitable for us. Preferably before our child starts school, so we have a few years!