Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Freezing corn

If you're from a farm family you totally understand freezing corn. For those of you unfamiliar with the process, it's pretty simple. 1)Pick the corn 2)Husk the corn 3)Cook the corn 4)Cut the corn off the cob 5)Put said corn in bags. Easy enough right? Well, that's what I thought too! You see, I haven't actually done corn (farm talk for freezing corn) in many many many years. I have a vague recollection of husking corn with all my cousins when I was little. It seemed easy enough then! When my dad and step mom asked if I'd help do corn this year, I enthusiastically said YES! I was remembering all those great memories and thinking ahead to all the wonderful corn I'd have to eat this winter. (If you've ever had home frozen corn, you'll know what I'm talking about.) I was informed that this past weekend we would be doing corn while my little sister was home. Again, I enthusiastically agreed. So, I showed up to my dad's on Sunday late morning ready, willing and able to do corn.

My excitement waned a little when I saw my brother and brother-in-law surrounded by a mountain of unhusked corn. However, I again remembered all those wonderful memories and all that corn for winter. I grabbed myself a piece of ground a nice pile of corn and got to work. We were making some great progress...till I realized dad was out in the field picking another trailer full of corn. I felt my enthusiasm slip another notch. Then, my back started to hurt..."Hmmm" I thought to myself, "maybe this wasn't such a good idea. When I was little, this was much more fun!" In the name of familial duty and all that corn for winter, I plugged on husking. After 3 hours, I was informed that my step mom probably needed help cutting corn off the cob. I eagerly volunteered. Anything to stop husking that never ending mountain of corn!

I gladly left my pile of corn behind and headed inside. I was greeted by two enormous sinks full of cooling corn, two large pots with corn cooking in them, and several pans full of cooled corn, ready to cut. My enthusiasm slipped another notch. (Did I mention that I drank rather heavily the day before and I was suffering from a monster hangover?) But, again remembering all that corn I'd have to eat this winter, I picked up a knife and set to work. Let me tell you, cutting corn is not as fun as it may look. It was great for the first hour or two. Hours three and four were a little rough. I believe my step mom said I was 'whine assing.' And to be honest...I was! However, we plugged on....and on...and on...and on. After several hours (and I mean several) we were done!

All told we did about 20 bushel of corn that day. In case you're not familiar with a bushel..it's a lot of corn. Trust me!

Table full of corn

Taylor, Louie, Maria, and Dad cutting corn

Can you tell we were having lots of fun?



A. said...

I LOVE frozen corn! I was actually thinking about doing a few ears this year. Emphasis on 'a few'! I can't believe how much corn you guys did!

Anonymous said...

All the great memories of doing corn... just think we are making them memeories for our kids...lol.. just like all them did for us years ago. Dont get me wrong its not fast or that fun to do but like you say... its fun to eat in the winter. lol