Friday, October 29, 2010

Really?--Letters of Intent


Dear Ear Nose and Throat Associates:
Attn: Dr. Shreck

You might not remember me, I'm sure you're absurdly busy, but you did my sinus surgery back in September. You did a great job and I can't complain about your surgical skills. However, I really think you might need a watch. Or a lesson in time management. I came to your office yesterday for a follow up to my follow up. I was informed upon check-in that you were running at least and hour and a half behind. AN HOUR AND A HALF! WHAT?! How does one get THAT far behind? And why oh why wouldn't your secretary, nurse, or someone call patients and explain that you are behind. Maybe do them the courtesy of seeing if they would like to reschedule.
I wish I could explain what an ordeal it is to bring a 3.5 year old and a 15 month old to Mommy's doctor appointment. First, there's the diapers and the wipes. Then there's the snack and the drinks. And, of course, the toys. You see, I want to be prepared so that my appointment can go as smoothly as possible. But here's the thing, an hour and a half wait with two little kids just simply isn't possible. Not to mention my appointment was at 4:15, so that would mean I wouldn't be seen until 5:45. That's dangerously close to the dinner hour. Maybe other kids don't turn into crazed maniacs around the dinner hour, but mine do. So, again, not a good scenario.
I was totally amazed that the receptionist was totally rude as well. She said "It's not like I can do anything about it." I explained that I would be unable to wait and she said "What do you want me to do?" What I wanted to say was "Walk your lazy behind over to your handy dandy computer and schedule a different appointment. And while you're at it, how about an apology and some compassion." But what I said was "Can you just cancel my appointment?" I kindly explained that I had made the 25 minute drive and that I was a little frustrated. She said "That's not MY fault." Apparently she knows of some teleportation device that would beam me directly into your office, eliminating the need to drive.
It's like this...if I showed up an hour and a half late, would you still see me? What's that? The answer is no? Well then, why am I expected to wait on you? Do you forget that you charged me almost $20,000 to do the surgery? Do you forget that YOU work for ME, not the other way around? You see, I'm wise to this game. I won't play it. I won't make my kids and myself miserable because of your poor time management. I won't do it. Yes, you are a great doctor, but you will no longer be MY doctor.

I'm not waiting


Foursons said...

Oh, this would have made me really unhappy too. Is there another ENT that you can see? I can't believe the behavior of the receptionist. I would let the doctor know about that for sure.

Thanks for linking up and good luck!

Ashley T said...

Alright, Ity Bity and I are coming down to kick some butt! LOL Sorry she was a B but you should call the office and report her. that was totally uncalled for!