Thursday, October 28, 2010

We didn't blow away!

I'm still here, we haven't blown away in all of this crazy wind! I find myself facing a lot of writer's block lately. I have a lot of stuff in my head, it's just hard to get it out. Not to mention, it's a wee bit disheartening to post blogs and have no comments. I'm sure people are reading, but I need some comments people! Don't have an account? No problem! Post under anonymous, but please sign your name so I know who you are!

We've been ridiculously busy for...well...since forever it seems. I know that one of these days we're going to be able to sit around in our pajamas all day long and watch TV. Right? No? Not gonna happen? Sigh....

Here's a few updates:

Adelae is still loving pre-school. She is making lots of little friends and learning so much. When I hear her sing her songs, it makes me smile from ear to ear. I remember my Grandma telling me that one of her favorite memories of me when I was little was when I would sing her all my preschool songs. I like to think that Grandma's looking down at Adelae and smiling that same smile. Adelae has developed a real passion for reading lately. When I go up to check on her at night she's almost always cuddled up in bed with her flashlight and her book. She can't read the words yet, but she loves to look at the pictures. Her imagination has really taken flight as well. She's starting to get into playing house with her various dolls and stuffed animals. Adelae is also working on testing my patience, but she's 3 so it's to be expected. Over all she is such an amazing little girl. I love to watch her grow. Even though she's a big girl now, she's not about a few snuggles here and there. The other morning she climbed in bed with me and whispered "I just wanna hold your hand like this till I fall asleep again." How could I say no?

Brinna is changing a little bit every single day it seems. She's starting to "talk" more and more every day. Right now her favorite thing to do is to point to something and say "UH! AH! AH! AH!" insistently until you give it to her. She is entranced by baby dolls and petrified of any toy that moves on it's own. She has definite opinions on what she does and doesn't like! I would like to say that she's growing like a weed, but well...I can't. She's definitely our little munchkin. She just had her 15 month check up and she's weighing in at a whopping 16 lbs 4 oz and is 29 inches long. Our doctor said that some people are just tiny and isn't concerned at all. Brinna eats like a horse, so I'm not sure where she's putting it all. It's my theory that she has a hollow leg. Brinna has a wee bit of hero worship going on where her big sister is concerned. Lately she does everything Adelae does. Most of the time it's pretty cute. Most of the time. It's not so cute when Adelae is sassing back and Brinna starts yelling "AH, UH, BA, MA, AH, AH!" at me. Brinna recently learned how to give kisses and hugs. She will routinely walk over to me just to give me a hug and a kiss. It completely melts my heart.

I'm doing well. I've fully recovered from my sinus surgery (although I dang near had a heart attack when we got the bill). I have my final check up this afternoon, but I expect that all is well. I recently decided that I needed a few more tattoos, so I had that done last weekend. Other than that the kids are keeping me hopping! It seems like between school, appointments and errands we are rarely home. That's ok though, it keeps us all busy and occupied. Sadly, my housework is sorely behind. I suppose I should be doing that instead of blogging, but blogging is just more fun!

Ben's tired. Poor guy! They've been pushing him really hard a work lately. He's been working three 12 hour shifts and one 10 hour shift, not to mention a few hours of overtime on the weekend. He's hoping his schedule slows down sometime soon so he can spend some time with us. We miss him! He took Adelae to their first Father/Daughter activity at school the other day. They had a pumpkin carving night. All of the kids sang their Halloween songs and Ben was one proud Daddy. I love that he loves spending one-on-one time with each of our girls. They are very lucky indeed!

We've been fighting some awfully strong winds the last few days and I'm pretty much over it. I suppose this will be the wind that finally blows winter our way. We're hoping the propane fireplace that we purchased will help keep us all warm and cozy this winter. If not, I'm going to pack up and move down South.

We're slowly getting ready for Christmas too. Adelae has a wish list a mile long. She's really nice and helping her sister make her wish list too. I'm pretty sure that the Tiana (from Princess and the Frog) Barbie that Adelae put on Brinna's list isn't really for Brinna. When I pointed out that Brinna might be too little for a Barbie Adelae said "Oh. Well I can just play with it till she's big like me." At least she's thoughtful!

That's about all that's worth reporting in our little part of the world!


Ashley T said...

Hollow leg? Lmao!

and don't you move from Ohio... who are i to visit then?

Anonymous said...

Love reading your blog...I am also a stay at home mom and enjoy surfing the web during nap time and hearing other moms' experiences! Chelsea