Tuesday, April 13, 2010

The Anatomy of a Fight

Well, fight might be the wrong word. Ben and I are both very opinionated. We have our opinions and it's near impossible to sway either of us. This leads to a lot of little minor disagreements. Like the one that took place the other day. Let me set the stage..

Scene: A cloudy, but warm and breezy morning. Me at the computer, Ben standing in the middle of the room. Cloth diapers are in the wash.

Me: I was really hoping it would be sunny today so I could sun bleach the diapers.

Ben: That doesn't mean that you can't hang them on the line.

Me: I know that. I just wanted to sun bleach them.

Ben: You can still hang them on the line.

Me: I know I can hang them on the line. But it requires SUN to SUN bleach diapers.

Ben: No it doesn't.

Me: Are you serious? Seriously? It's called SUN bleaching. The name alone suggests the need for sun. If not, it would be called "cloud bleaching."

Ben: You can get a sunburn on a cloudy day.

Me: What on Earth does that have to do with the diapers?

Our voices are getting louder and louder through this

Ben: I'm just saying that there is sun.

Me: I know that. I just said that I wish it was sunny.

Ben: So now you're not going to hang them on the line?

Me: (shouting) I never said that. I SAID I wish is were sunny. I'll still hang them on the line.

Ben: (shouting) SO WHY ARE WE FIGHTING?

Me: (matching his tone) I DON'T KNOW!

Ben: (still shouting) WELL LET'S STOP!

Me: (shouting) OK!

Adelae: (shouting) MOMMY!

Me: (shouting) WHAT?!

Adelae: (shouting) I'M THIRSTY!

Me: Ok, let's get some juice.

See, it wasn't a fight. But, we do tend to shout a lot. However, at some point, the shouting turns to joking. So we just kinda shout cause we know how ridiculous we're being. The tone completely changes. Adelae even gets in it. I suppose anyone looking in on us would think that we were really fighting, but we know we're not. I suppose every marriage is filled with silly little conversations like this.

We keep saying that we need to apply for The Marriage Ref.

So what silly little arguments to do you have with your spouse?

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Foursons said...

Hahaha- too funny!