Monday, February 1, 2010

Not Me! Monday

I certainly did not get sick this week. I mean, I JUST got over a cold. There is NO possible way that I got another one.

I also did NOT decide that a coat wasn't necessary cause I was just running in and out of the doctor's office. Of course, that means that the car did NOT break down. I mean, that would just about figure right?

I would NEVER decide that we were having chicken nuggets for dinner because I didn't feel like cooking dinner. That's incredibly unhealthy and I always serve a balanced meal.

I would also NEVER spend the entire weekend telling my husband "I told you that you should have fixed the alternator a month ago." That would just be rubbing in the fact that I was totally right and he (who was a mechanic in the Army) was totally wrong. Nope! I would also NEVER do the "I was right dance" over and over again. NOPE! NOT ME!

I would NEVER accidently drop my cell phone in the toilet. Then I would NEVER call the warranty department and tell them that my phone just quit working. That would be with holding the truth and I would never do that just to save a little money. Nope!

I would also NEVER put my almost 3 year old, that never naps, down for a nap just so I could take one myself. NOPE!

I would also NEVER tell the babysitter that it was ok to serve my child cereal for dinner. NO way! I would have a hot meal prepared for both of them. I would also never tell the babysitter that if she decided to serve lefovers to load it with cheese cause that's the only way my very stubborn child would eat it. NOPE! Not me!

So, what did you NOT do this week? Don't forget to link up at My Charming Kids.


Ashley T said...

bahahaha! The "I was right" dance? Lmao! It brings back memories. Don't rub it in too much.

Foursons said...

There's something wrong with cereal for breakfast? Since when?

Shaun said...

Cereal for dinner...not breakfast! LOL!