Saturday, October 10, 2009

Let's Celebrate!!

6 unconventional things you think people should celebrate by throwing a party

1. My Kid Is Potty Trained. Given our recent forays into potty training, I now know that it's something that should be celebrated with an enormous party. Lots of stickers, maybe some diaper burning (except we use cloth and that would make me maybe just boxing them up until the baby is old enough to use them.)

2. The Baby Slept Through The Night. Still waiting on that one with Brinna, but I remember that first blissful 8 hours of totally uninterrupted sleep.

3. All The Dishes Are Done. This should be celebrated by taking me out for a nice dinner so that more dishes don't pile up.

4. All the Bills are Paid and We Have Extra Money In The Bank! This one is pretty self-explanatory :)

5. We Have Nothing To Do Today! We have been so incredibly busy since..well..forever! It's so nice when we have a day to do absolutely nothing.

6. I'm Not Sick Anymore. I had a recent bout with food poisoning and I was pretty certain I was going to die. I have NEVER EVER been that sick. EVER! It was horrid. I definitely felt like celebrating when I was able to eat solid foods again!

That's my Small Talk Six for the week. So, what would you celebrate? Don't forget to got to MomDot and link up!


Anne said...

Potty training is always a chore and definitely deserves a party. No wonder parents throw a party when their kid graduates high school, it's not the accomplishment of graduating, it's that they are moving out and going off to college! =) [my oldest is a freshman in college]

Susan M. Heim said...

Baby sleeping through the night was on my list, too. That's always a big accomplishment for parents! Successful potty-training is a good one, too.