Thursday, June 3, 2010

I guess I'm "acceptable"

I belong to several mommy internet websites. In one particular forum and opinion was posted that really threw me for a loop. A woman stated that she only has one child and only ever wanted one child. I don't have a problem with that. I think if you want one child great, if you want fifteen children, also great. It doesn't really affect me either way. As I read more of her post I was absolutely appalled. She stated that she believes that one child is perfect, two children are "acceptable" and three or more "i just don't see the reason for it." Wow! was all I could say. She also went on to state that "i always try to assume accidents, when i see large families." I can't even begin to process that. How can some one, especially a mother, think that way? How can this woman feel sorry for people with more than one child? If that wasn't bad enough she had this to say "it seems self indulgent and selfish to me. who are you helping? your kids, by dividing your time amongst them? your husband who sees you less and less with each child? the community in general? your friends, because now you can "keep up"? i don't get it. and i'm not asking to." Umm...what? Seriously? You should all know by now that I'm very rarely speechless. This truly has me speechless. I can't even begin to wrap my mind around how someone could think this way! Each and every child is a blessing, accident or planned, 1st or 10th.
Isn't this some sort of bigotry? I mean she is clearly against people with more than what she considers the "acceptable" amount of children. She clearly stated that she has no desire to learn more about larger families. How is that any different from people that are so entrenched in race hate that they refuse to speak with a person of a different nationality. How is it different from people that refuse to speak to homosexuals? How? In my opinion, it's not. I feel sad that she's going to pass this sort of judgmental attitude onto her son. I keep going back to her post and re-reading trying to find something that makes it less appalling, so far it just gets worse and worse. I just sit here shaking my head.
So, what do you think? Is it ok to have more than one child? Ten children?


Steph B said...

How rude!! That woman is very narrow-minded. You are not 'acceptable', you are EXCEPTIONAL! Enjoy your children... as many as you desire to have, and put those words behind you!

Amber said...

First of all, you are not 'acceptable', you are awesome. Ignore her post.

I think it's perfectly fine to have more than one child. Each parent and situation is different. I couldn't have 10, but it's not my business if people choose to.

Ashley T said...

I don't understand people at all. To assume that all my brothers and sisters were accidents are stupid. Especially since my mom had her tubes untied to have her 5th child. Don't worry about that woman.

Gwenn said...

Allllriiighty then. The only person she should be appalled at is herself for being ignorant. Obviously her tolerance for the way other people live is non-existent.

This is exactly why I don't belong to large mb's anymore..way too much stupidity and drama.

I think your awesome!

Shaun said...

Thankfully, this wasn't a personal attack. It was a question she had posed to the world at large. The best part of the whole thing? She was looking for validation for only having one child. There were some amazing responses to her bigoted nonsense. I'll have to post them in another blog. They were FUNNY!