Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Coversation with Adelae

I know how you all love Adelae's witty remarks. Here's a few new ones

Me "Adelae I love you a thousand times!"

Adelae "I love you and Daddy and Brinna a thousand times too!"

Me "Aww..that's so nice!"

Adelae "But I love myself a million times."

I was making Hamburger Helper the other night for dinner (I know, I know..totally unhealthy) and I let Adelae pick which one.

Me to Ben "Adelae picked our dinner tonight."

Ben to Adelae "What did you pick?"

Adelae to Ben "My nose?!"

I know all parents have had that moment when your kid says something embarrassing in a public place. I was at the chiropractor paying my co-pay and Adelae was scratching her behind.
I leaned down and whispered "Honey, we don't scratch our butts in public. It's icky."

Adelae replies with "But Mommy, it itches very badly. I think I have bugs!"


Foursons said...

Hahaha- when there's a scratch you gotta itch it!

Ashley T said...

that's my favorite.. "i think I have bugs". LOL I love her!